Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Must Be Great Having a State of Oregon Job

First we had the State of Oregon Department of Revenue doing NOTHING to the at least 3 employees who allowed a Salem woman to steal $2.1 million in a tax fraud case.  "State officials declined to release the names of the affected employees or more details about the type of discipline involved. Discipline could involve pay freezes or reductions, but there was no word on whether either was involved."  They won't even let us know which incompetent boobs let this happen.  

NOW, we have a State Treasury spokesperson who runs over a man trying to cross a street.  A traffic ticket?
I was just asking Justin, my producer, this morning before the second story came out: "say what do you think it would take to get fired if you were a State worker?"  We both agreed, MAYBE......murder.  Sheesh, were we wrong!

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