Monday, July 23, 2012

Pete DeFazio is about to get pummeled

Congressman Peter DeFazio from Oregon's Fourth District is about to get pummeled on the airwaves by a series of radio ads from two PACS.
Listen to radio ad: PETER DEFAZIO AD 

This is from the Republican Super PAC and Freedomworks Super Pac.  
Part of the reason they decided to jump into this was our show featuring the letter Peter DeFazio sent to President Barack Obama, asking about gas prices.  We did a comedy bit on Obama and DeFazio having a conversation, and then we went on to beg Pete to come home to Oregon and spend some time caring about OREGON for crying out loud!

After we talked about DeFazio's letter to Obama that asked Obama to look into the current gas prices, Roger Villere, Louisiana Republican Party Chairman and Chairman of the Republican Super PAC commissioned this spot.

"This is is a true story, that means you are on the cutting edge and your radio show material has been used by a national super PAC -- the Republican Super PAC."  Republican Super PAC

We appreciate that, but more importantly, it's time to RETIRE Pete DeFazio!  Folks in the 4th Congressional District of Oregon: Vote for Art Robinson and spread the word!



JimWilcox said...

Too bad the ad had to fake what Obama said. That makes it a lie. Actually, given its public broadcasting, it's pretty close to bearing false witness. That is a sin. Thou shall respect our lord.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

If thou respecteth the Lord thou woulds't capitalize His Name.
Now, as for the ad, it's called PARODY. Do some google research, look under Groucho Marx, Gallagher, Carson and assorted other comedians. It falls under the "comedy" definition. Sadly though, this comedy is a tragedy.

JimWilcox said...

GOP to suspend convention due to hurricane. It's a sign from GOD!