Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maybe Sunday is the Problem?

As I sit listening to some old gospel music on this Sunday morning I am taken back to my childhood and my great grandma Pattison.  On Sunday mornings at her house, she rose early and turned on the radio (later the TV) and listened/watched many Christian programs.  I remember "The Haven of Rest" and others.  With her Bible in her hand she listened, prayed and prepared for Sunday Worship services.  

I don't know grandma's political thoughts, don't know if she was a Republican or a Democrat, I was very young.  I do know she loved Jesus with all her heart and showed it in her lifestyle everyday.  I can't help but wonder on thinking back on her, is this what America is missing?

Sunday morning is now taken up with yahoo's yelling at each other on Sunday morning "news" shows and talk radio.  No one ever wins, no one ever loses, it's just loud and obnoxious.
Could it be that my grandma had it right?

I urge you my friend, to put away the politics on Sunday, get a Bible, find a Christian radio or TV show (that's getting harder all the time) and find a good Bible preaching church and THEN just maybe this country will be healed and just maybe you will feel a whole lot better on Monday.

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cjs said...

As i prepare for church, I agree with you.