Friday, July 27, 2012

Pete DeFazio: Art Robinson's Here!

“The public already knows, Peter, that you are a liar. Do you really want to be known as a coward, too? Why don’t you stand up and debate me in events in which we ask each other questions and the public – freely admitted to the event – evaluates our answers? If you can overcome your fear; if you can face me man to man in actual timed, back and forth debates of the real political issues – rather than continuing to hide yourself behind “moderators” and “forums” where rules made by you and your friends protect you from your opponent, you might at least rise to the level of a courageous liar – a level considerably higher than your current situation.”

~Art Robinson

Peter DeFazio has been in office so long I can't remember when he WASN'T in office.  I know I could research it quickly but why waste the time, he's been there far too long.  

The Fourth Congressional District of Oregon has long been a Democrat stronghold.  No credible candidate has faced off against DeFazio forever until 2010 when Dr. Art Robinson came along.  Not only did he give Pete a run for his money, he actually scared Pete.  Pete would not debate Art and still refuses to.  Pete would not allow town hall meetings and still doesn't.  In 2010, Pete DeFazio relied on over $1 million to run smear ads against Art Robinson and it worked.  He won by about 10 points.  

2012 is a whole new ballgame!  With this really funny radio ad from the Republican Super PAC, the tide is turning. The NRCC has also moved Art Robinson from the highly sought after "Young Guns" to the even more sought after "On the Radar".  He's even won the Ron Paul campaign over to endorsing his candidacy! 

Art Robinson is not your usual candidate for Congress.  He is not only a brilliant physicist (yes he really IS a rocket scientist) but he is extremely knowledgeable on Constitutional law and the founding of our nation.  He is a great patriot.  Did you know that nearly 17% of ALL homeschool materials were written by Dr. Art Robinson?  How much have you looked into this man?  He is the BEST chance for Oregon to gain ONE more Republican in the US House!  Imagine what a great help that would be for Congressman Greg Walden?

He has written a book this year detailing everything he believes in for America.  "Common Sense in 2012" is available HERE.  NO other candidate running for any congressional seat has written anything quite like this.  He's a gracious, humble man who wants to be a citizen representative, you know, the way Congress was meant to be?  

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