Thursday, January 31, 2008

Republican Debate Last Night

The picture above says it all!
First of all even though Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were there, they were not really there much. It was 15-20 minutes each of McCain and Romney and about 1-3 minutes each for Paul and Huckabee.
Basically, McCain ducked every strong issue thrown at him, Romney answered very forcefully.
I have to tell you, I was impressed by Mitt Romney. I will be honest, the thought of a cult member as president doesn't thrill me, but at this point, unless Fred comes back, I have to start listening to Mitt.
Today he announced that he may not be spending on ads for Super Tuesday.
McCain is an absolute Liberal and he showed it last night. His over and over bashing at Romney over the issue of "timetables" for Iraq, it was a continuance of his smear tactics used in Florida.
Look, the man said, on the record, that Hillary Clinton would make a "fine president". He reaches across the aisle just fine, he lives on the other side of the aisle. His friends in Congress are all Democrats.
He is a war hero, no doubt about it. That is all I respect him for.
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PS: Huckabee and Paul will drop out either during or after Super Tuesday. If Huckabee and Paul stay in, they will be giving votes to McCain by splitting the Christian and Conservative vote.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. You call Mitt a member of a cult. The way you feel about Mormons is EXACTLY the way I feel about Christians--a silly little cult.