Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rambo Is Back!!

Ya, John Rambo i s back January 25th "Rambo" premieres!

Now I know what your thinking "Oh brother, Stallone, give it up!" He is 61 but boy, I hope I can look as good as he does at 61!

If you saw "Rocky Balboa" last year you know that this isn't that silly, he really pulled off a believable character and I think that it was the best in the whole series.

This time John Rambo is living in the jungles of Burma and helps Christian Missionaries get into a village.

Yep, lots of violence and probably shouldn't approve of it, but it sure is fun!

Stallone said that he has been approached for years to do a Rambo movie but when he researched the persecution of Christians in Burma, he wanted to do this story. He also said there is no more Rambo or Rocky movies, that both of these latest are great closure to the characters.

If you rent the Rocky movie, it's fun to watch the alternate ending after the regular one.

Really, don't laugh, he really pulled it off. I am hoping he can do the same with Rambo.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "look as good as him at 61"? You already look worse and you're only in your 40's.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

So that means I have about 15 years to look as good as him then right?

Actually since they call me "Ahnahawld" at the gym I will probably look much better then him in 10 years or so.
Check out my pecs....