Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Are you a Betting Man or Woman???

So, professional gamblers are not always quoted when it comes to politics, but being the hardworking political junkie that I am, I found out what the professional gamblers are saying about the 2008 Presidential campaign.
Now remember, just like football, basketball, horse racing or any other sport, these guys don't lose very often. They know what they are doing.
So, for your amusement or perhaps to scare you a bit, below is the numbers according to the world's only Political Gambling website are the numbers:

DUBLIN, January 7, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Ireland's largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, are today claiming that the Democratic Nomination race is well and truly over and are already paying out on Barack Obama to be the successful Democratic nominee. The early payout signals a massive EUR50,000 ($75,000) payday to lucky punters who backed Obama over the recent number of weeks at various odds ranging from 4/1 to 4/9.
The unexpected decision by the Irish bookmaking firm comes almost a week after the Iowa primary election and just a day before the New Hampshire primary election where Barack is now the odds on favourite at 1/12 to demolish his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
Paddy Power, said: "From a betting point of view we reckon that it's game over for Hillary. With each passing day Obama is looking more like a certainty to get the Democratic vote and as far as we're concerned he's already past the post. So well done to all who backed him, your winnings await!"

Barack Obama has also overtaken Hillary Clinton for the first time in the betting to become the next US President. vvPaddy Power now make him the odds on favourite at 10/11 to become the first African-American President over Hillary Clinton who has now drifted to an incredible 5/2.

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New Hampshire

Democratic Primary
1/20 Barack Obama
7/1 Hillary Clinton
40/1 John Edwards
150/1 Any Other Democratic candidate New Hampshire

Republican Primary
1/14 John McCain
6/1 Mitt Romney
16/1 Any Other


Democratic Primary
4/7 Hillary Clinton
5/4 Barack Obama
14/1 John Edwards
Any other Democratic candidate


Republican Primary
6/4 John McCain
2/1 Mitt Romney
9/4 Rudy Giuliani
7/2 Mike Huckabee
33/1 Any other Republican candidate

Democratic Nominee for President 2008
4/9 Barack Obama
13/8 Hillary Clinton
14/1 John Edwards
25/1 Al Gore
100/1 Evan Bayh
100/1 Bill Richardson
100/1 Tom Daschle

Republican Nominee for President 2008
11/8 John McCain
5/2 Rudolph Giuliani
7/2 Mike Huckabee
4/1 Mitt Romney
12/1 Ron Paul
25/1 Fred Thompson
125/1 Sam Brownback

Next President?
10/11 Barack Obama
5/2 Hillary Clinton
11/2 John McCain
10/1 Rudolph Giuliani
11/1 Mike Huckabee
14/1 Mitt Romney
25/1 Ron Paul
25/1 John Edwards
33/1 Al Gore
50/1 Fred Thompson
125/1 Bill Richardson
125/1 Tom Daschle
125/1 Evan Bayh

Winning Party
2/5 Democrats
7/4 Republicans

Name the final two candidates to contest the 2008 US Presidential Election
5/2 Obama v McCain 4
/1 Obama v Giuliani
5/1 Clinton v McCain
11/2 Obama v Huckabee
6/1 Obama v Romney
8/1 Clinton v Giuliani
10/1 Clinton v Huckabee
12/1 Clinton v Romney
16/1 Obama v Paul
33/1 Clinton v Paul
33/1 Obama v Thompson
33/1 Edwards v McCain
50/1 Edwards v Giuliani
66/1 Clinton v Thompson
66/1 Edwards v Romney
66/1 Edwards v Huckabee
150/1 Obama v Brownback
180/1 Edwards v Paul
300/1 Clinton v Brownback
350/1 Edwards v Thompson
1000/1 Edwards v Brownback

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