Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bill Post......Biggest Loser

I want to begin this by saying, this is NOT A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!!!
I decided back in November after Thanksgiving that I was a fat pig and was not playing as good at golf as in past years and attributed much of that to my weight and lack of good conditioning.
So, I waited until the Courthouse had their specials and joined last week.
This week I begin my first ever group classes, bike riding and a power active class.
Now I used to lift weights and am pretty experienced at that sort of individual stuff so this whole class thing will be new to me. Another really cool thing for me and my son Kai, is that we both love to play basketball, and now I can join him at the court and show him the "old school" style of BBAll play.
I went there with him the other day, knee brace on, short shorts, tight tshirt, socks to the knees, you know, the whole '70's baby! After going up 5-0 I started pooping out and lost 11-8. Kai is now aware that the old man can hoop it up! One of his buddies, a little guy who has long pointy elbows, found out that this old man can throw elbows (and full hip bumps) too and 180 pounds of elbow hurts a lot more than 100 pounds of elbow. After he got up off the floor he stopped driving into me with those razor sharp elbows in my chest.
PS: I hate that "Biggest Loser" show on NBC. I feel so bad for those people, not that they are fat but because for a few bucks, they allow the whole world to see them step on a scale with their shirts off and stand there looking pathetic. (By the way, how come the dudes all have to take their shirts off so that we have to see their "man boobs" and the ladies don't have to even though some of those men have bigger boobs then the ladies? Ya ya I know, this is gross and it is wrong thinking on my part but I ask these questions as my lovely wife makes me watch this stupid show while I am trying to go to sleep)
Yes I know they lose the weight and all is good in the end but I just couldn't humiliate myself that way.
Anyway, I plan to not just lose some weight, but more importantly, get my heart better, gain stamina and put on some muscle so that perhaps by Spring I will be able to swing my clubs good enough to beat the evil Dan Bowers in golf.


Dawn said...

Hang in there, keep it up, feel the burn baby!!!! Last nights Biggest Loser show was my favorite one yet because they showed more of the long term and short term effects of FAT...ending up with taking the contestants to a morgue!! And then all the throwing up, sweat, and it!!! Being 7 months pregnant myself...there isn't a heck of a lot I can do but watch what I eat and walk, but in a few months I am looking so forward to sweating and whining!! If you can't get to the gym the Biggest Loser DVD's are so great. No women in thong work out attire, that just end up making you feel like a fat fatty!! Just real people sweatin the fat out, and the workouts are easy to follow and fun!! I have been picking them up from the library!! Just remember Bill everytime you sweat that's fat being expelled from your sweat baby SWEAT!!!

Much Care from your sister who wants you to be around for your grandchildren!!

Tammy Bowers said...

Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed this until the last sentence. There is nothing evil about being so awesome!