Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rush Limbaugh and Fred Thompson Together!!

Today is the day in South Carolina. Could this be the end for Fred? I cannot believe American Conservatives do not see what I see in Fred.

Last week Mike Huckabee insulted Fred with the following statement: "Perhaps Senator Thompson could use a little more Metamucil". Haha. Fred's reply: "I guess if Americans want a funny guy with one liners for President than Governor Huckabee is your man, if you want prosperity, unity and security, than you might vote for me".

That is a humble man.

Today it was reported that Rush Limbaugh has thrown his considerable political clout into Fred's arena.

You can hear the excitement in Rush’s voice when he talks about the South Carolina primary. It’s “The Passion.” The passion of conservatism emerging when he talks about that primary. Why, you ask? Because, for the first time since the primaries have begun, conservative Republicans will be voting for fellow conservative Republicans.That very fact gives Limbaugh hope. The very promise of a conservative Republican candidate, a candidate with a record of consistent, conservative credentials, credentials that will shake the very foundations of America, brining back that agenda of conservatism that President Reagan expressed so well. How do you know? How is it that some second-rate hack knows what Limbaugh is thinking? I’ll tell you how. It’s because I believe the same thing. It’s because I believe in America, from the Founding Fathers and into the future. Rush Limbaugh believes in conservatism. It’s engrained in his soul. It’s as obvious as that. I recognize it in Senator Fred Thompson, and so does Rush Limbaugh. He’s hinted, he’s implied, and he’s even begged conservatives to see what he sees in Fred Thompson. He sees conservatism, the same kind of conservatism he saw in Ronald Reagan. He doesn’t want long, bloated policy. He wants simple, effervescent conservatism for Americans to unfold before their very eyes. Rush has mentioned Fred Thompson many times behind the Golden EIB microphone. Behind the microphone, his animation and passion for conservatism have been heard and seen many times for Senator Fred Dalton Thompson.

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