Friday, January 4, 2008

Breaking Down the Iowa Caucus

Can you count how many plates were thrown on the Ex-Presidential Plane flying home to New York? haha. Hillary is having fits right now. She HAD the FREAKIN LEAD and LOST!! You think you have ever seen a P.O.'d lady before????

America is not ready for a candidate as divisive and nasty as this person is. Riding the fumes of her popular husband will not get you in.
In her concession speech last night she spent more time pimping her "It takes a village" book then any substance as usual.

Congratulations to both Sen. Obama and Gov. Huckabee.

On the Republican side, Huckabee did what should not have surprised anyone who follows politics.
Iowa Republicans that turn out for caucus are predominately Evangelical so he won. In exit polling over 75% said they were Born Again or Evangelical in belief. There are no Mormons in Iowa and the other candidates just didn't spend time or money there.
Huckabee will not be able to carry this to New Hampshire or definitely Super Tuesday, he doesn't have the money nor is he a true Conservative Republican. I am of course encouraged by Sen. Thompson's strong showing tied for 3rd in Iowa considering his late start and not having spent anywhere near the $10million that Mitt Romney spent. I am also encouraged by John McCain's showing again for the same reasons. McCain and Thompson are TRUE Republicans and they are the best choices for all Republicans.

One more interesting note, from today's Statesman-Journal, if you support your guy you should put your money where your mouth is. Apparently Mormons do.

Here is the breakdown of money given in the 973xx zip codes:


$14, 706 to Obama

$3,666 to Clinton


$25,035 to Romney

$500 to Huckabee

$750 to Thompson ( hey I wonder who led that one?)

Look for Obama to move on this momentum and I will venture to say now, that on the Republican side you may see a Thompson-Romney ticket this summer or perhaps a Giuliani-McCain ticket.


Anonymous said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I told you he was the right guy! I am still supporting Huckabee to the end. We will just see what happens...

Tammy Bowers said...

I agree, Kristi! Whooooo Hoooooo!

You said, "Huckabee will not be able to carry this to New Hampshire or definitely Super Tuesday, he doesn't have the money nor is he a true Conservative Republican." You are discounting God, where all things are possible. If he's who God wants in office, then no man will be able to stop him.

Okay, which one is Mormon?

Do you think Juliani can beat Hilary if it comes down to them?

VOTE FOR HUCKABEE, He's the right choice!

Mick Bryson, Music Teacher said...

Romney is the Mormon.

Tammy Bowers said...

Oh, thanks Mick.

Hey, be sure to check out Randy Alcorn's blog about the Iwoa Caucus. I'm very impressed about the two nineteen year olds getting polically involved at such a young age. Wow. You can get to his blog from the bank of links on Bill's blog or mine.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

So am I correct in assuming that God has annointed Gov. Huckabee?

What is this choice based upon?
Randy Alcorn's endorsement?

Look I like the guy, but I am a true Conservative Republican. That means I am Pro Life, Anti-Government, Anti-Tax, Anti-Immigration, Pro-Death Penalty, Anti-Homosexual, Pro-Defense, Pro-Troops, Anti-Union and many more.
When I look at a candidate I dig deep into his or her stands on these things.
Huckabee is good on many of those issues, but he opened the door to amnesty for illegals in Arkansas, he raised taxes by $500 million while governor, he helped two major unions in the state, and I definintely do not care for his pandering to the anti-war crowd by promising to bring the troops home too early in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now if anyone would like to really talk politics, issues etc, let's go! You have got to bring me some substance. What will your candidate do for me and for the United States of America.
"He's a Christian" is not enough.
Jimmy Carter is a Christian. Nuff said.
Bill Clinton is a Christian. Nuff said.
Richard Nixon was a Christian. Nuff said.
Many Presidents and presidential candidates claim to be Christians. And many of them probably are and were, but that doesn't give them a free pass into the White House.
C'mon kids you can dig deeper. Study, read, watch, then come on back here and lets hear what you have found out.
I can be convinced by good argument.
I may even be open to a change but I have to see facts.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Huckabee. You vote for who you want to vote for. That'sabout all it comes down to.
Loves, K Biz