Friday, February 1, 2008

John McCain is a Liberal!!

Here are some facts:

In 2004, John Kerry and John McCain considered running together to defeat George W. Bush.

In 2007, when asked if Hillary Clinton would make a good president, John McCain said "she would make a fine President".

In 2001, John McCain considered leaving the Republican Party to join Jefferies who became an Independent, throwing control of congress to the Democrats.

John McCain constantly caters and panders to the liberal side of the Republican party and in fact other than on the military, is a liberal on most policies.

After much consideration, I think it is very important to email or message to Gov. Mike Huckabee, telling him that every vote he gets is siphoning votes from the only Conservative left in the campaign who stands a chance to win, Mitt Romney.

Huckabee, CANNOT win. I will not stand by and watch the Republican Party be destroyed by John McCain so I am urging all Conservatives, Christians and anyone who stands for The American Way to cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

Yes, he is in a cult. Some have a problem with that, but I can live with the fact that he is moral, a great businessman, a family man, strong military, strong Pro-Life, strong Anti-Homosexual and very much in the Reagan cut of Conservatism.


Rich Young Ruler said...
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Rich Young Ruler said...

"Christians and anyone who stands for The American Way to cast your vote for Mitt Romney."

Bill, what is your definition of 'The American Way' that would force you into this line of thinking? What are you trying to preserve by endorsing a Mormon for president; polytheism, heresy, the un-deification of Jesus?

This seems to be a clear cut case of one putting their political allegiances ahead of their Spiritual allegiances... which is what most of us evangelicals do anyway.

'The American Way' - Rich 'Moral' (cough cough) White guys telling everyone else that if they just worked harder they could overcome centuries of slavery, racism, injustice, segregation, lack of access to power, and subsequent poverty.

If this is your view of the AmWay then by all means.. vote for the Mormon.

mick b; Brady Bunch guy said...

Christian or not; I believe it's my duty to vote for the person who I feel is most qualified to execute the office. I don't believe that puts our country in spiritual danger of having God's divine protection removed. However, if we elect a president who encroaches upon my right to practice my faith, that's a different can of worms. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for someone just because he claims "salvation."

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Ok Jeremy, what is your proposal? Who do you think we should vote for?
Back in 1960 the same thing you have said, was said about JFK.
I of course don't like or approve of Romney's religious choice, but what in the sam hill does that have to do with his Presidential ability?
Can you tell me which candidate (that has a realistic chance of winning) you would suggest?
Anne Coulter says that if we are left with McCain as our choice, she would pick Hillary. Why? Hillary is actually less liberal than McCain.
Don't even start with Barack Obama. Liberal doesn't begin to describe him.

The American Way is defined nicely at
It is the Reagan Conservative movement that made this country great in the 80's and gave Bill Clinton the best 8 years any president could have had.
What the man practices for his religion means nothing to me.
Of course I would LOVE to have a real Christian in the White House, but they don't seem to be out there. The Bush's, Nixon, Clinton, Ford, Carter, LBJ, all claimed to be Christians. So any of those strike your fancy?

No, this election is about keeping our Conservative ways, which in the end will best serve America.

And if you are really falling for the "rich white guy holding the brother down" syndrome, then I am afraid you are really lost brother.
The REVEREND Jesse Jackson needs some help at his office.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Mick, you have hit it on the head. The most qualified. God will keep His hand on this country, no matter who is in charge, if His people are still in prayer and continue to seek Him.

Rich Young Ruler said...

Billy Graham.. now there is a great Democrat!!

Obama in 08 :)

Rich Young Ruler said...

Are you guys really saying that God is showing favoritism to the US because the residents of this country are more Godly than others? Please explain what you mean by 'God will keep His hand on this country, no matter who is in charge, if His people are still in prayer and continue to seek Him' and ' I don't believe that puts our country in spiritual danger of having God's divine protection removed.' How do you arrive at these belief systems? Do Christians only reside in the US? Does God have an American Flag hanging in his living room?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Billy Graham never affiliated himself with a party, he knew better being in the position he was in.

Jerm, I am a little surprised at your lack of historical knowledge, and I will not give history lessons here, I will just say this, many years ago a young youth pastor gave me a book that I still cherish and refer to. It is stories of great Christian Americans during the foundation of our country.
I am not sure what happened to the youth pastor, but I don't recognize him anymore.
That book taught me and I assumed taught him how God protected this nation because it was the FIRST and ONLY nation to be completely built upon the Word of God and leaders who desired for a Christian nation. That had never been tried before in history and never has since.
Do you really think that we have survived all of the wars, depression, Civil War, and more because we is NAHCE people?
No, God has had his hand on this country because we WERE a Godly nation. Until about 45-50 years ago, this nation was a Godly nation. I believe that God is pulling His hand off of this country because we have turned our back on Him. The question is, will we "humble ourselves and pray, seeking His face" so that He will heal our land?

Now, mostly I think you are just having fun and trying to poke a stick in the fire, but if you really believe what you are saying.......I miss that young youth pastor.
By the way, didn't the Rich Young Ruler reject Christ because he couldn't completely surrender to Christ?

Jen said...

I once watched a TV interview with Billy Graham and he said something along the lines of...I have always voted Democrat/considered myself a democrat. I'll try and find it, I think it was around one of the elections. Like I've said before it shook my thinking.

Yea, that young youth pastor has grown up a lot. He's changed for the better in my opinion, as he has a broader view of the world now, but loves Jesus and Jesus' teachings more than ever before.

Jen said...

There's the interview with Katie Couric where he says I am a democrat. Here's what he said if you don't want to look it up.

Not trying to be mean Bill, just backing up what we have said.

Love, Jen

Graham: I think that if I would talk on a political subject, if I talk about it, it would divide the audience on that issue. That's not my issue. My issue is Christ.

Couric: I read, though, that you're a Democrat. Is that true?

Graham: Yes. I am.

Couric: Do you think people would be surprised to learn that? Because generally, in this day and age, Evangelical Christians are closely associated with the Republican Party.

Graham: Well, I don't know that. I've never found out who they're associated with. Locally, I'll vote one way and nationally, maybe another.

mick b; Real World Man said...

Jeremy, I believe your last two questions are a little childish, so I'll address "How do I arrive at this belief system?" Trying not take 2 Chron. 7:14 too far out of context, I believe that God hears us when we specifically pray for His protection instead of just assuming that since we have salvation, we are automatically protected from harm. I believe that many countries have faced or are currently facing terrible ordeals because they have not taken Matthew 7:7 and James 1:5,6 literally. (Haiti, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, many countries in Africa) Does that mean no harm will every come to this country; no! But what's important is to notice what happens to it's people after a catastrophe has happened. If you look at the history of modern-day Israel (The Balfour Declaration, UN Partition Plan of 1947, Independence in 1948, the 6-day war of 1967), it's hard to refute God's protection and sovereignty under seemingly impossible circumstances. I believe several factors have contributed to our "longevity": our Constitution, our leaders and believers praying for our country.

Tammy Bowers said...

Okay, I don't know how accurate this is, but it's my understanding that John McCain's wife, Cindy, brought home a sick girl from Bangladesh and at the airport, she said to her husband, "Meet your new daughter." John said okay and held her. He already had several kids from a prior marriage, but readily welcomed this new baby girl. Any guy who'd do that is okay in my book. I know a guy who didn't talk to a girl for many days when she brought home a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy. He even made her give it back.

So, I gotta say, John McCain has a soft spot in my heart.

mick b; music guy said...


Bill's Waste of Air said...

Mick: LOL!
Tammy: I wish that we all had your outlook on life! I am not mocking you when I say, with you, life is Puppy dogs, blue skies, wildflowers, cotton candy and smiling children!
Jen: I would require pages of documentation to respond to the Billy Graham quote, but I will give you this much.
A. That interview was done very late in Graham's life and yes he did admit to being a Democrat. Remember he is a Southerner.
Guess what, until the late 1960's most White people in the South voted Democrat. Guess what party Blacks voted for at that same time? The "Party of Lincoln" as they called it, Republicans.
Blacks vowed to always vote for "the party of Lincoln" because Lincoln freed the slaves. It was not until the late 1960s with the Civil Rights movement who's leaders became Democrats that they changed their party.
White folks did the same thing in the late 1960's after supporting men like: FDR, Truman, JFK, they did not support the Democrats who came after JFK. So, if Katie, who is not the best journalist ever, had asked him who he had actually voted for since the 1940s when he became a Democrat, I would venture to say, he has voted Republican since. He all but said that with that last line he said.
You must look at HISTORY to understand modern times and thought.
Examples of Democrats and Republicans, you guess which was which:
Strom Thurmond
George Wallace
Warren Harding
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Clarence Thomas
Teddy Roosevelt
I could list more, but as you research, I think you will be surprised by what party they were with and how some changed that party later in life.
Billy Graham is a product of HIS TIME, the 1940's-1950's.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Just thought you all should know, James Dobson just now came out with a statement.
He will not support John McCain and is asking Christians to withold their vote in November if McCain is our nominee.

Now, I don't agree with that kind of tactic, we HAVE to vote. It is our duty, but it is interesting that the Leading Christian voice in America is that concerned about this candidate!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

One more important note on McCain that Christians should know!

And he says he is PRO LIFE???

Tammy Bowers said...

Boys, let me spell it out better. I'm not saying I would ever vote for McCain. I can't, I won't. He'd get ticked off and nuke Iraq first, ask questions later. He is kind of funny, you have to admit that. Remember his big Yee Haw from 4 years ago? That cracked me up. All I was saying is that he had an admirable quality in my eyes. He readily welcomed a surprise from his wife and adopted a little girl in need. That doesn't make him a good president, but it does give him a soft spot in my heart. You asked for our opinion about the man, and that is my two cents on McCain.

Jen said...


That is exactly why I'm Independent. My parents are Independents, too. Raised that way. My point is, not all Christians are Republicans. I'm not anymore. I know that leaves me out of voting in the primaries. But, I can't affiliate with either party as of right now. I have views that are repub and worries I'm PRO LIFE.

Look to your other thread for my thoughts on that. Jen Green

Anonymous said...

He is what you call liberal which means a real Republican. A REAL Republican does not let religion enter into the political process. That is why you call him a liberal. I wish all of you Jesus freaks would understand that. And, by the way, why are so many of your "conservative" congessmen and evangelical clergy into homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

He is what you call liberal which means a real Republican. A REAL Republican does not let religion enter into the political process. That is why you call him a liberal. I wish all of you Jesus freaks would understand that. And, by the way, why are so many of your "conservative" congessmen and evangelical clergy into homosexuality?

And, Bill, you are out of your mind if you think this was supposed to be a Christian nation. Our forefather fled Europe to get away form religion interfering with their lives. We are not nor were we EVER supposed to be a Christian nation. You know nothing about the founding of this country and you are disgusting in your attempts to lead people to believe that to be the truth.

Candie said...

Interesting to know.