Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Gets Another Endorsement!!!

Well, I have finally started to see the light! Obama is the shining beacon that will bring ALL of us together!!
Can you sing "Kumbaya"?

White Christian Supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan has endorsed Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States of America.

Speaking from his Kentucky office in Dawson Springs, the Imperial Wizard exclaimed that anything or anyone is better than having that "crazy axx Bxxxx" as President.

This is the first time in Klan history that any member of the KKK has ever publicly supported an African American candidate for the presidency.

KKK lodges all over America have been gathering and holding rallies supporting the black presidential candidate.
Grand Turk Cletus Monroe has also been very vocal about the election and has donated thousands of dollars to Obama's election fund.

"The boy's gonna do it. My Klan group has donated up to $250,000 to the Obama fund. Anything is better than Hillary Clinton. Hell I'll even adopt a black kid from Africa before I vote for Hillary."

"A few years back we were lynching blacks. Now we're gonna vote for one to be president of the US of A, damn it! Anyone or anything is better than Hillary Clinton - anything!!"

Placards for Barack Obama have been put up around the Klan's Headquarters and the KKK have announced a television ad campaign to support the African American candidate.

Yes, my friends, this man MUST be THE choice for all of us. He is truly a UNITER!!



Tammy Bowers said...

Is this a joke you got off the internet? Surely it can't be true! And why do people believe Obama would be better than Hillary? He is so against any war ever. At least Hillary initially supported it, and immediate action after 9-11. I worry that Barrack Hussein Obama will not adequately protect this country. I'm surprised that anyone in the south would support him. Those Rebels love to fight.
(Or am I being stereotypical now? After all, everything I know I learned from the movies.)

Bill's Waste of Air said...

It's true. I thought it was a joke when I first found it but nope, it is the real deal.
As for Southerners, my family is from Arkansas, they hated the Clintons and they weren't too happy with Huckabee. They are very conservative so no they would not vote for Obama, but not due to color.
They are highly educated and very wonderful people, they in fact think all of us out here in the West are goobers and hicks!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

PS: guess which state was #2 behind Mississippi in Klan membership until 1982?

Yep, good ol' Oregon!
Medford was a big klukker town and in fact the Dallas High School Dragons are Dragons because of the KKK.
Little known trivia and there is more, but I will stop because it gets worse!

rich.young.ruler said...

That's hilarious Bill. I am so shocked by the incongruent behavior of these Klan members... they have always acted so logically up to this point. (cough cough)

I can't believe that Dallas' mascot is a kkk dragon. That is classic.

Tammy Bowers said...

Hey now, I was a Dragon, and I don't believe you, Bill. Site your sources. I have to read it for myself.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Ok, so I did some digging into the history of Dallas Oregon and the Klan.
I will first of all say, my sources originally were life long residents of Dallas.
It appears that they have fallen under the "myth that won't die".
If you go to this link you will read a great story about this myth:

Under mapipedia it says this:
Small town, former logging industry supported, now a 'bedroom community' primarily serving families with provider working in Salem. Lower rents, lower crime rates make this an attractive choice for commuters.
Formerly a center for the KKK, (Ku Klux Klan), still not overly friendly to non-caucasians. Dallas High school still has Klan Colors, and the football team is known by it's nickname "Dallas Dragons", which some believe is an echo of the KKK in which the 'grand dragon' was a leader.

So apparently the rumour has some legs but it depends on who your source is!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

I don't know why that link isn't showing as a hyper link but if you google Dallas Dragons KKK, you will find that article under the heading willamettelive.com

Tammy Bowers said...

Thanks for the web site; I enjoyed reading the article where they explain exactly where the Dragon mascot came from. It was NOT after a grand Klan master after all, and that is just a stupid myth because there use to be KKK there in the 1902's. However, the article also said,
"There’s no doubt that there was a Klan in Dallas, back in the ‘20s, but that was hardly unusual in Oregon. Historian Eckard Toy Jr. noted that by December 1923, Oregon had 58 chartered Klans and “nearly every community with a population of 1,000 or more, especially in the Willamette Valley, had an active Klan organization.”

So, my Dallas Dragons (so much better than the other choice of Dallas Dolphins) are saved. Thanks for the website to clear up the rumor!


Rich Young Ruler said...

I don't care what the articles says.. Dallas HS is a secret Klan society.

It's also funny to me that the Klan has chosen to endorse someone who is clearly the Anti-Christ.