Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer Camp and my Son Kai

Well today is the day Kai gets back from his first ever High School Summer Camp at Mayfield. I am both excited and a little frightened.
I have heard for many years from the kids who went there about not only the great fun they had but the spiritual breakthroughs that happened. I remember Jeremy Green doing a great job up there and of course Randy Butler's inspiring talks. I have heard all of those stories and have prayed hard that Kai will have a blast but that God would really reveal Himself to Kai this week.
So I am waiting anxiously to hear what he has to say.
I would love to hear your stories of Mayfield or other summer camp experiences.
I saw Kristi's blog and her stories which were great as always. She reminded me of my first summer camp when I was entering the 7th grade, which at that time was the beginning of Junior High.
I found my first true love there. Her name was Angela. I called her Angel. Ahh.... but by the 4th day, she found Bradley. Ohhhh.....
I do remember too, getting a great Bible from my counselor, which I still have, and learning many memory verses which I still kind of remember, although since it was King James Version and I now use NIV they are kind of mixed up with both.
So, tell me your stories!!


Jennyth said...

So, I've never been to Mayfield for the whole week. I've visited a day or two here or there over the years Jeremy was there.

Let's see, a memory would be, our last year there, the boys and I came up for a day and the boys loved riding the big water slip n slide. That was good times!!

Sorry I don't have much else to say.

I'm taking an internet fast for a few days, so I on top of my responsibilities, last week I was too consumed by all the blogs I read. I'll be back, though. Peace out Bill!! Jen

Jennyth said...

sorry last paragraph should say "so I can get on top of my responsibilities.. :)

mick b; Real World Man said...

I wasn't able to open up your link in last month's archive, so I read it off of Tina's blog. I agree with her comments to a degree. Sometimes it's a little hard to follow the past and present. Your chapters tend to "meld" them together. I started writing a science fiction (apocalyptic) story in high school. I had written a few hundred pages, had my English teacher go over it and make comments, didn't like them much and threw it in the fire. (Not than I'm an extremist or anything!) I don't take criticism, constructive or otherwise, very well. If I ever wrote a story, I'd probably pull a Rachmaninoff and go puke in the alley during the premiere! I've written poetry before, but I'd be afraid that I wouldn't "chart" out the story well enough and end up with contradictions all the way through. It'd be easier to read your first two chapters without the comments in the midst. It's distracting. If you could provide another link or a hard copy, I could be more specific. I may start writing after my boys get older. Right now, it's just too confounded noisy in the house and I need quiet to get the flow going.

mick b; Brady Bunch guy said...

ps: tell your wife to quit picking on me on the risers. And for Pete's sake, tell Kai to get a job and stay out of his mother's purse!

Tammy Bowers said...

You will get a chance to read Bill's corrected story completely intact very shortly, stay tuned for a post on my blog.

I would love to see some of your writing, but authors much have rhino skin. The critique group's suggestions, then professional editors seem to have LOTS of changes to recommend. However, I can promise you this, their recommendations actually improve the writing. After evaluating and putting 98% of their recommendations into practice, my writing is always 100% better. As the author I have the final say, but I have never regretted listening to them. As a matter of fact, I NEVER send an article to a magazine for possible publication without my critique group's input first. To do so would just be stupid and negligent. I've learned that outside eyes from experts is a vital part of the process.

With that said, I want you to write. Write an article about an hero, or a short story for a contest. My goal is to get one from P-Lo too. You'll understand more soon from my blog. It's not ready to announce for 1 week, as I have a math final to complete first.

Write away! TB

Tammy Bowers said...

Mick and Bill,
Can I add one more thing about writing, check out successful author Randy Ingermanson's blog RE: writing right at

It touches on the no-no of back story and why.
Of course, you might not really care or be into it like me. But if you are curious, check it out.