Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Boys are done playing football.....for now!

Ok we finished our draft today in fantasty football and everyone is relieved. Now we have two weeks to talk trash and make trade offers and fret over who to start etc.

Now as for OUR boys playing football, I would like to mention that Skyler Bowers, Ryan Swinford and Kai Post are working out right now at the old summer football practice for Salem Academy Crusader's football!!! Whoohoo!!

Go Crusaders!

So, when they start playing I expect you all to come to a game or two and see our boys!


Tammy Bowers said...

I wouldn't miss it! (Unless of course Kai and Ryan aren't on the same team as Skyler.)

Bill's Waste of Air said...

There's only one team, they just field enough for varsity, they might have enough to have some guys play both jv and varsity.
But all should be together as far as it looks now, they have about 30 total players, so all of them should play a lot and play both ways.

Jennyth said...

I just can't believe those dudes are that old...

My boys with be playing football before I know it.


Hey Bill, what subject are you going to be teaching? And are you going to be at SA? Just wondering...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Yes at SA, will be teaching Freshman World History (lucky Kai hee hee) and Senior Advanced Bible.
The first term for the Seniors is:
The Attributes of God, then second term (semester) is Apologetics and Evangelism.
I am very excited about the world history as that was my degree from college and feel very comfortable telling history stories!
As for the boys playing football, once I can get a picture of them together in their new uniforms, I will post a picture of Kai and Skyler when they were in the 6th grade in their football gear and we can all see how much they have grown.

Jennyth said...

You'll do a great job, Bill. You are a good teacher, I should know. You're the first one to get me to actually commit to a Sunday School class in my entire life. :)

Looking forward to hearing more about it!