Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First Teaching Story

Ok so today I met with a "fellow educator" snicker snicker, me an educator....
Anyway he was helping me with classroom management.
One of my other colleagues said "don't smile until November". Welllllll......that isn't me.
So today's helper told me to be myself. Be consistent, don't be a hypocrite, be firm but let "bill" shine through.
So, lesson one was learned today.
PS: what is with the date up there, it is Wednesday August 1.
There I feel better already.
Think my OCD will be a problem in the classroom?
I will have plenty of wipes and disinfectanct sprays and liquids I can guarantee that!

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Tina Helmuth said...

I decided to pop in and see what your blog is about. Then quickly made the decision to stay out of the golf conversation of the more recent post.

I was a teacher for four years. Not in a conventional setting, but I'll still offer my opinion. Not smiling until November is over the top. But I agree with the theory behind it.

If you start off a little on the stern side, you can always ease off later. Starting off too easy, too buddy-buddy, is a difficult thing to undo. I agree with your helper. Be firm while being yourself.