Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Head Shops are alive and well in Keizer/Salem

Ok this one is really off the wall, but I have been searching for some certain posters to put on my classroom walls and Colleen and I were driving back down to River Road from Commercial when I spotted a bunch of posters in the windows of the "T Zone" or something like that.

So, we pull in real quick and then realize that the back end of the building, right in front of our car is a Porn shop! Yikes!!

Anyway, we go in the "Zone" and are greeted by a "dude" with long greasy blue hair who calls me "dude" and Colleen "dude", and wants to show us around. Well my friends, those of you older than 30 will remember the days of Head Shops. Some of you will have to research on Google.

Having been to many a head shop in the old days it really made me laugh to see a large sign posted that said "please refer to us as a tobacco supply store" all the while the "dude" is telling us about the "great illicit stuff he's been smoking today!!"

Well, after listening to his babble and of course he is from Eugene, and proud to tell us he never made it past 7th grade because "the system" failed him, I bought a poster of the lone protester in front of the tanks in Tianamen Square purely out of guilt for having used up 9/10ths of his brain for that day.
We also smelled of patchouli oil and some kind of incense that I am afraid to ask what it might have been. All I know is we immediately showered when we got home.
By the way, if any of you noticed our blue Hyundai in front of "Lolita's", we were not in there!!!

So, if anyone needs you know, whatever you might need for that stuff, there's the place.


mick b; the Anti-Bill said...

What did you expect to find inside that store? Skateboards? Speaking of skateboards, did you witness the "event" in San Francisco last night? You should've seen the fans diving for the ball! Somebody had to have been taken to the hospital on that one. On a final note, I'll not look for your car at Lolita's. However, I do always glance back to see how many cars are parked there. You see, I've been praying for it's closure for several months. As empty as it is, I don't see how it can remain open while other "legitimate" businesses close from lack of income. Lolita's owner must have cut the sole of the boot off while "you-know-who" was filling it with coins.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Well although I mostly agree mick, I think they stay in business because the people that frequent the place come in later than you or I are up at night!

nick said...

I stopped in the Texaco station on River rd. the other night and was surprised to find their proudly displayed, vast selection of glass smoking accessories. Right there at the counter, right there in the neighborhood.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

You're right, I have seen that, my old friend Abu is selling that stuff isn't he? Right next to some other questionable items. I don't buy gas there anymore, but it does have the cheapest coffee in town.