Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturday Garage Sale Success!!

Tammy Bowers (Write Steps) allowed me to join her at her garage sale saturday and man oh man was it a success!!
I had 9 cases of these comforters that I had bought for my business that just were not selling on Ebay or on Craigslist or at our own garage sale earlier this month.
We sold all but 5 comforters on saturday!
Now, I will tell you this, I firmly believe that prayer was the difference and I learned a valuable lesson from Tammy and her mother.
They held hands and prayed early in the morning that it would go well. Now, I have always been sort of, well, of the mindset that God has much more important things to worry about then our old garage sale. What a lack of faith and what a lack of imagination I have! God is the great "I AM". He is WAY bigger than the box I put Him into.
Thank you for your simple, yet very complex faith Tammy and Mom. Thank you God for being so kind to me and for caring about a silly little old garage sale!

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Tammy Bowers said...

You are very welcome. If it is important to us, it's important to God. My mom and Aunt needed to get rid of junk and they needed money. You needed to sell those comforters. So it was important.

Now, don't laugh, but we specifically prayed Deut. 28, that we would be blessed in the city and the fruit of our labor would be blessed at our garage sale, as well as the customers. And it was. A lot of people were so excited about the great deal they got on your comforters. It was a blessing to them. God keeps His promises! I've been thinking a lot that we shouldn't down play His hand in the little aspects of our lives or fail to talk about it. I'm guilty of that.

Isn't it awesome to rely on a powerful prefect God. I can't wait to look upon his awesome face!