Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to know a preacher is Biblically Accurate

Many preachers, teachers, pastors, speakers, singers etc, claim to be telling the truth. How can we know who is right and who is perhaps wrong? I believe we can find an answer from A.W. Tozer:

"The tests for spiritual genuineness are two: First, the leader must be a good man and full of the Holy Ghost. Christianity is nothing if not moral. . . . But the test of moral goodness is not enough. Every man must submit his work to the scriptural test. It is not enough that he be able to quote from the Bible at great length or that he claim for himself great and startling experiences with God. Go back to the law and to the testimony. If he speak not according to the Word it is because there is no light in him. We who are invited to follow him have every right, as well as a solemn obligation, to test his work according to the Word of God.

We must demand that every claimant for our confidence present a clean bill of health from the Holy Scriptures; that he do more than weave in a text occasionally, or hold up the Bible dramatically before the eyes of his hearers. His doctrines must be those of the Scriptures.

The Bible must dominate his preaching. He must preach according to the Word of God. The price of following a false guide on the desert may be death. The price of heeding wrong advice in business may be bankruptcy. The price of trusting to a quack doctor may be permanent loss of health. The price of putting confidence in a pseudo-prophet may be moral and spiritual tragedy.

Let us take heed that no man deceive us."

Wise words indeed. Many will say they are speaking the truth, but does it stand up to scripture? There is only one way we can practice what Tozer is preaching: WE must be so much in the Word that we will know, guided by the Holy Spirit, what is Biblical and what is man made.

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Dawn said...

Hi Bill,
We just had a guest preacher a few weeks ago at our church speak. (Our pastor was in China training underground pastors there.) He was wonderful. He trains other pastors on Spirit filled preaching and is internationally known and sought after. His name is Arturo G. Azurdia III. His web site where you can listen and read his sermons is

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