Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Make the Statesman Journal Today!

Here is an excerpt from today's Statesman-Journal, a great story about one of the Volcano's players, Brock Bond and the funny stuff I do with his name at the stadium.

All credit goes to Gary Horowitz and Tim Gonzalez of the S-J and I hope they don't sue me for doing this!

Bond ... Brock Bond
August 18, 2007
KEIZER -- It would be fitting for Brock Bond to wear the number 007 on the back of his Volcanoes jersey. He might be tempted to do it if triple-digit numbers were permitted in professional baseball.
Actually, Bond is good-natured about the James Bond references.
In Friday's game, Bond came up second in the bottom of second inning.
"Second baseman, number one, Bond ... Brock Bond," said Volcanoes' public-address announcer Bill Post.
Cut to the "James Bond Theme" song from the Bond movies and there you have it. A typical plate appearance for the second baseman at Volcanoes Stadium.
"I remember as far back as kindergarten when a person asked me my name and I said, 'Brock Bond.' 'Oh, are you related to James?' It's kind of been that way ever since.' "
A fan of the Bond films, Brock Bond would prefer to be recognized more for his baseball talent than his name. But it doesn't hurt to have a name that draws attention.
He's garnering attention on the field as well since joining the Volcanoes on July 19 from the Arizona Rookie League in Scottsdale. Going into Friday's game against Vancouver, Bond was hitting .341 in 24 games with 24 runs scored.

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