Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oregon Baseball Fans.......I love em!

Only good Oregonian baseball fans would stay for 9 innings of a wet, dreary baseball game, when the home team is getting drilled 13-3!!

I took this photo with my cell phone from my warm and dry press box seat, where I am the public address announcer for the Salem-Keizer Volcano's.

It rained all game long, just not enough to cause the field to be bad enough for the umpires to call the game. So, we watched a horrible game and the 400 or so fans got soaked.

I just love the picture, this die hard couple had their raingear and umbrellas up the whole game and never left until the bitter end.

If you are not from Oregon, then you can't quite appreciate 62 degrees and drizzles that don't really soak, just make you miserable. Baseball in Oregon!

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