Friday, August 29, 2008

Madame President?

Well, we have ourselves a real interesting situation now don't we?
The Democrats have nominated themselves a Black.
The Republicans have nominated a Woman. many choices.....
Opening thoughts?
I like Sarah Palin, politically, socially and she seems to be a very intelligent woman.
But, just like the Lord Messiah Barry Obama, she has NO experience.
She does look a lot better then he does, so she gets points for that.
As for what to do in November? Still not sure. I really would have preferred Mitt Romney as VP but I think they would have looked like two rich old white dudes so that was ruled out.
Tom Ridge? Not sure why he was dropped.
I guess I feel sort of sorry for Gov. Palin. I think she is being used politically. That's nothing new, but it still just doesn't feel right.

As for the messiah, all he lacked was robes the other night and he really would have looked even sillier. Why does he put on that accent thing on some speeches and turns it off in others? I thought Bill Clinton was long winded, 44 minute acceptance speech? Yikes, it was like being in Chemistry lab again.

This election, although perhaps "historic" is the most painful Presidential election in my 30 some odd years of voting eligiblity.

Where's Ross Perot when you need him?

I make my predictions now:

Obama wins with only 46% of the vote, as most Conservatives stay home as do the Hillaryistas, meaning we will have a President, just as we did with Clinton, who did not win even a majority of the votes, but rather, won by default.

Either way, McCain or Obama, if one of them dies in office, we are in really bad shape for a President. Joe Biden? Sarah Palin? Yikes.


Tammy Bowers said...

I don't if I agree with you, Bill, she's a pretty sharp tac! She's been up there governing Alaska. I think she'll be fantastic. I am excited about her!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Ok, that was my first morning without coffee look at the situation.
I have now had time to dig deeper and I am impressed with her.
I am however, still a bit concerned that Big John is 72 and probably only a one term prez, so, since traditionally the VP is the automatic bid in the next election, is Sarah ready to be President, even in 4 years?
I am liking her more I read though.
Time will tell.
I am really enjoying the liberal media trying real hard not to say something bad about her and upset women everywhere, liberal or conservative! It's kind of funny watch Keith Olbermann squirm.

Shirley Buxton said...

Hi, Bill--

There is no perfect candidate (well, excepting either you or I would run...)and I do understand that Sarah Palin's history of experience is thin...but it certainly would not be called non-existent.

She has around a total of 8 years of political experience before she became governor, I believe...and a bit less than 2 years as governor. She has been a mayor, and has served on an ethics committee concerning oil and gas

You know what I like about her. She "gets" it. She has crusaded against the political machine that has been prominent in Alaska, and actually "blew the whistle" on the state GOP chair...She's ready to drill and pro-life.

She's gutsy and courageous.

I'm a bit conflicted about her having a tiny baby.

A shrewd move on John McCain's part; exciting, invigorating.

I predict a Republican victory in November.


Anonymous said...

This one leaves me asking..."does McCain want to win this thing or not"? She is the worst choice possible. Although she has 16 years of political experience, I find the choice troubling. She also used to be part of a political party in Alaska that wanted to vote on seceding from the Union. However, she seems to have done a good job in her state. Aside from trying to get her ex brother-in-law fired as a state trooper and having a 17 year old daughter pregnant out of wedlock, she seems like an OK politician--for Alaska! How can Republicans point fingers at Obama for lack of experience and then embrace this one? I like the fact that she is a Washington outsider, but so was Jimmy Carter...Matt

Bill's Waste of Air said...

And so my young jedi, what you are saying is "my guy has more then your girl, nyaahhhhh"?

By the way, what about John Edwards bopping his girlfriend while his wife is FREAKING GOT CANCER????

Anonymous said...

I think she is the wrong choice. Especially when the whole earmark issue comes up (McCain is vehemently against them and Alaska ranks #1 per capita). And, why are we surprised that politicians are adulterers? Dare we get into the rampant homosexuality in the Republican party along with Newt Gingrich admitting to an affair while persecuting Clinton for the same offense? They are ALL pretty bad which is why I don't understand the process of party affiliation...Matt.

Anonymous said...