Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008 Summer Beijing Olympics, are you watching?

I am really looking forward to America kicking some butt in the Olympics, especially in my favorite Olympic games, Basketball and Boxing. I am disappointed that this will be the last year for Baseball.
I am looking forward to the track as well, of course the doping in track and field makes me a bit skeptical about the outcomes.
The big story, I think, will be Mike Phelps. Will he break Mark Spitz's record on total gold medals?
It all begins this Friday!
Please post your thoughts about this Olympics and any memories of past Olympics and I will keep it up to date throughout the Games.
Keep adding posts to this as the Games progress!


mick b; Brady Bunch guy said...

It usually takes me a few days to get excited about the Olympics. Though boxing is one of my favorite sports, I'd have to say the teams that have represented the US recently can't match the caliber that we sent in the 70's and 80's. Plus, I don't like the format of amateur boxing (headgear, scoring system, etc.). I don't think that it prepares them well for the professional arena and it's pretty boring to watch. I think watching the track and field events are my most favorite. I wish they would cover more wrestling as well. All in all, nothing is more touching when they play our National Anthem and the athlete actually sings along and GETS THE WORDS RIGHT! I now have 2 days to fine-tune the Bob Costas "mute" button on my remote. See ya!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Haha! Totally concur!
I can still hear my dad in 1968 when the dudes did the fist thing during the medal stand. Man was he teed off!
At least they didn't sing.
I love politics but not at the Olympics.

I am hoping the Team USA Basketball learned their lesson from '04 and get it ON this time around!

Tammy Bowers said...

Mick and Bill, why isn't gymnastics on your favorite list? I love it and diving, track and field, swimming, any horse event, and once every 4 years, I actually watch boxing and wrestling. You just can't help but root for your country. I LOVE all things Olympic, even Bob Costas.

mick b; Mainlander said...

I only watch to see them fall off of the balance beam. :)

Dawn said...

My Favorite Olympic time was when I was competing in the JR. Olympics as a kid (that's junior Olympics not Special Olympics) watching Chariots of Fire, and then watching the 1984 Track and Field Olympics. I had stars, dreams, and visions of becoming the next Olympic track star of the USA!!! Other big moments in my memory of the Olympics were, Mary Decker Slaney taking that fall, and the woman who wouldn't give up at the marathon and she was covered in diarrea and looked like she was losing her mind...that was a great moment!!! So many great Olympic moments...Mary Lou, Bruce Jennar, the Dream Team...I TOO, LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!!