Monday, August 25, 2008

Football is in the Air Baby!!

Above is the Salem Academy Crusader's football team for 2008!

My boy Kai is in the second row from front, #13 and Skyler Bowers is in the front row, #23 and Ryan Swinford is in the front row can't read his number so he is second from the right.

They have a new coach, Mr. Robbie Robinson who is outstanding!! He is a great Christian, who loves God and loves these boys. He has been just a great witness and example to the boys and of course has taught them much already about football.

We are PUMPED about this season!

On another football note, the Oregon Ducks are ready to roll and KILL the Huskies at Autzen this Saturday!!

Lastly the NFL season is just over a week away and my Bills and Rams are ready to roll! I love Football!!

Wait, the Major Leagues are still going, and the Dodgers have a chance at the NL West, so, isn't this the best time of the year???? YA BABY!!!


mick b: paranoid taxi driver said...

I'm sure that Autzen Stadium will be replete with inebriate behavior on Saturday. Perhaps you'd like to go to Reser with the rest of us good Christian men on Sept. 13th and watch us pummel Hawaii (a legitimate football team!).

Bill's Waste of Air said...

well isn't that cute, the little ol' beaver's stadium, what is it again, Avocado Dip Stadium or something like that?
Truth be told, the only time I was puked on at a football game was at Bean Dip Stadium in Corvallis.
My seats at Autzen are surrounded by 60 something hippies who made it big in tech stocks.
So they drink expensive wines and talk philosophy just before kickoff.
Anyway, GO DUCKS!!!

mick b: beaver boy said...

That's exactly the kind of arrogance that will guarantee another Poulan Weedeater Bowl appearance for the green and gold!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Which Bowl? You mean that lousy little ol' Sun Bowl, South Florida being romped upon 56-21?
Ya, that's not arrogance, that's knowledge my boy.

mick b: beaver boy said...

Oh yeah??? to infinity!!!!