Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Intelligence in Hollywood?

Jon Voight has come out with an Op-Ed in the Washington Time and is being barbecued in Hollywood for being a "traitor" and "McCarthy-like".
If Tom Cruise and George Clooney can give their opinions, without scorn from the fellow "actors" in Hollywood, why can Mr. Voight?
Why can't Gary Sinise, who is a strong Conservative and an outstanding actor, producer and writer, give his opinion without being labeled a "crank".
You see friends, Liberals are always spouting off, but they can't stand when one of their own leaves the fold. It drives them nuts. They can't understand a sheep leaving it's flock. Freedom of speech only applies when tearing down the country that gave them that freedom.
Below is the piece from Jon Voight (who by the way will be the villain in the upcoming TV Series "24", woohoo, get 'em Jack Bauer!)
VOIGHT: My concerns for America
Obama sowing socialist seeds in young people
We, as parents, are well aware of the importance of our teachers who teach and program our children. We also know how important it is for our children to play with good-thinking children growing up.
Sen. Barack Obama has grown up with the teaching of very angry, militant white and black people: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rev. Michael Pfleger. We cannot say we are not affected by teachers who are militant and angry. We know too well that we become like them, and Mr. Obama will run this country in their mindset.
The Democratic Party, in its quest for power, has managed a propaganda campaign with subliminal messages, creating a God-like figure in a man who falls short in every way. It seems to me that if Mr. Obama wins the presidential election, then Messrs. Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers and Pfleger will gain power for their need to demoralize this country and help create a socialist America.
The Democrats have targeted young people, knowing how easy it is to bring forth whatever is needed to program their minds. I know this process well. I was caught up in the hysteria during the Vietnam era, which was brought about through Marxist propaganda underlying the so-called peace movement. The radicals of that era were successful in giving the communists power to bring forth the killing fields and slaughter 2.5 million people in Cambodia and South Vietnam. Did they stop the war, or did they bring the war to those innocent people? In the end, they turned their backs on all the horror and suffering they helped create and walked away.
Those same leaders who were in the streets in the '60s are very powerful today in their work to bring down the Iraq war and to attack our president, and they have found their way into our schools. William Ayers is a good example of that.
Thank God, today, we have a strong generation of young soldiers who know exactly who they are and what they must do to protect our freedom and our democracy. And we have the leadership of Gen. David Petraeus, who has brought hope and stability to Iraq and prevented the terrorists from establishing a base in that country. Our soldiers are lifting us to an example of patriotism at a time when we've almost forgotten who we are and what is at stake.
If Mr. Obama had his way, he would have pulled our troops from Iraq years ago and initiated an unprecedented bloodbath, turning over that country to the barbarianism of our enemies. With what he has openly stated about his plans for our military, and his lack of understanding about the true nature of our enemies, there's not a cell in my body that can accept the idea that Mr. Obama can keep us safe from the terrorists around the world, and from Iran, which is making great strides toward getting the atomic bomb. And while a misleading portrait of Mr. Obama is being perpetrated by a media controlled by the Democrats, the Obama camp has sent out people to attack the greatness of Sen. John McCain, whose suffering and courage in a Hanoi prison camp is an American legend.
Gen. Wesley Clark, who himself has shame upon him, having been relieved of his command, has done their bidding and become a lying fool in his need to demean a fellow soldier and a true hero.
This is a perilous time, and more than ever, the world needs a united and strong America. If, God forbid, we live to see Mr. Obama president, we will live through a socialist era that America has not seen before, and our country will be weakened in every way.
Jon Voight is an Academy Award-winning actor who is well-known for his humanitarian work.


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was ridiculous. How can you think that way? So, you can't attack a man's policies just because he was a POW? That is silly. And, Wes Clark is a man who, like McCain, erned respect by being a loyal servant to his country. How dare a draft dodger like Voigt point fingers. He's an actor...why does anyone care what actors think? He doesn't do research or write meaningful dissertations on politics. I can tell because anyone who thinks the Democrats control the media is an idiot who has not bothered to look into the matter or do any real research.

And Marxist ideals fighting against the Viet Nam war? I guess people protested because that war was a mistake--admitted by our own government. It also preyed upon the poor to go and fight an unjustified war--just like the one we are fighting now. At least Obama has the stomach to admit our support for Israel is a problem and our funding for it should be eliminated.

And, I don't think rich white people should have a say in the upbringing of the poor and how their environment affects them. While Voigt was out fornicating and having kids out of wedlock, blacks were being regularly harrassed, beaten, and murdered in the inner city. Whose fault is that?

John Voigt should stick to making lousy movies...

mick b: lonely golf guy said...

Bill, it looks like your linguistically-challenged coward is at it again! His grasp of Scorcese-esque dialogue is only surpassed by his lack of intelligence!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of curious as to why you are impressed by a man who defiled the sanctity of marriage and turned his back on his children. And, why we are pointing fingers at Obama--who has no chance of being elected--and not the current group of Republicans that have put us in this mess? Bush and his cronies are to blame for what is happening and I think it would be a mistake to blame anyone else or the potential someone has to destroy America as we know it. This is really juvenile and dangerous thinking here. Why are we so afraid of a guy who acts just like the current wolf in wolves' clothing we call our president?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Really now, must you remain anonymous?
You come to MY blog more than I come to MY blog!
Surely there are more fun things to do out there then my little ol blog anon?

Anyway, I don't admire Mr. Voight at all. I agree completely with your assesment of his lifestyle.
I also agree however, with his op-ed piece.
So, he has changed his stance, haven't most people at some time in their lives?
It would be scary if they didn't.

As for the former General Clark, he disgraced his uniform and was REMOVED from duty.
I don't think John McCain ever had that happen to him.

How rich is rich by the way?
Where is the dividing line?
Oh, and should Angelina, having children out of wedlock, having a say in how to raise poor children, be OUR voice as opposed to her daddy?

Talk about lousy movies! Sheesh, I will take Midnight Cowboy over Tomb Raider any day.
Or about a dozen other Voight films some of which by the way for the movie challenged in the audience, HE WON FREAKIN' ACADEMY AWARDS FOR!
Try Coming Home, The Champ, Deer Hunter, Deliverance just to name a few. Can you help me find a GOOD BRANGELINA movie?
Yikes, the brain cells being wasted here.......wait, it is called "Bills Waste of Air!"

Tammy Bowers said...

I have been gone for a while, so I'm jumping in late. Perhaps anonymous will never see my comment. Nevertheless, I must reply to his sentence about Obama having "... the stomach to admit our support for Israel is a problem and our funding for it should be eliminated." That is the biggest reason I could never vote for Obama. I believe in the Bible and God's promise of blessings to those who bless Israel. I don't ever want the USA to turn our back on Israel because I enjoy the blessings God has given to my country. We are so prosperous here. We've received so many blessings from God. I never want to step out of His favor by abandoning His chosen people. We do enough bad things in the USA that we don't need to live even more dangerously out of God's favor. Nothing is worth that to me. I know I am a minority in thinking and that people will call me a right wing nut. But from the time Christopher Columbus discovered this country, until about 30 years ago, the majority shared my blind faith in every aspect of the Bible. I wonder why Christian’s are now attacked for that continued belief? Our beliefs haven't changed that much in the 2000 years since the Bible was written.

Okay, I'm a little off target. I just want my country to continue as Israel's allie no matter the cost. Period.

Anonymous said...

Again, my apologies for being anonymous but the site won't accept my password--I'm working on it. As for the Israel question, I don't think enough Americans know what is going on over there. Israel is in violation of some 20 UN Resolutions because they are in violation of their charter. They have bulldozed almost 20,000 Arab houses to make way for Jewish settlement in direct violation of their charter.

Do some research on the Stern Gang and the list of murderers who would come to rule that country. You would also do well to see that Israel actually created and funded Hamas--yes, the "terrorist" group

I also can't stomach this: The Jews were rounded up, put in camps, tortured, murdered, etc. It was an awful thing. But, how can they justify doing the same thing to the Palestinians?

In the end, the Jews are no better than anyone else if for no other reason than how they have treated the Arabs once they came into power. Plus, nobody asked the Arabs how they felt about being relocated to Gaza and the West Bank and then moved from there as well. So, you tell me how the Jews are the chosen people when all they've chosen to do is act almost as despicable as Hitler.

And, if you've never been to Israel to see what is happening there I don't think you are in any real place to comment on the happenings over there. Just my opinion without the rose-colored glasses...

Anonymous said...

A quick response for Tammy. I would disagree about the changes in Christianity. In 326 C.E., all of the leaders of the known Christian world gathered in Nicaea to debate about the Bible and what should and should not be included in it. That leaves many questions regarding the Bible as the work of God or the compilation of men. I believe the Bible to be a great piece of literature but the word of God, maybe that could be debated. The simple fact is that there were more than just four Gospels written, but the Church leaders chose the current four as they felt best represented the story of Christ. It is a simple fact that cannot be argued. You may look up the Gospel of Thomas or Philip and see for yourself. Even if you believe they are heresy as deemed by the Church, they were written about Jesus much more closely to the time of his existence than the current Gospels. And, history changes as new facts are revealed and discovered, so why is it so hard to believe that the Bible can change as well?

And, I have not been given an answer to this question yet. Isn't any form of Christianity other than Catholicism considered heresy? Since that was the original church, how can any other form be considered legitimate?