Monday, September 15, 2008

OHHH My Aching Back!!

My back has always been a little bit tender but last night as I put my right leg through my pants, I heard a "pop" in my back and now I can't tie my own shoes. Sitting in a chair is misery, I am standing like an 80 year old man and I shuffle around the radio station this morning like one of those patients in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos's Nest"!
Anyone know a good Chiropractor?
I had a bad experience with one years ago. The guy was into all that "holistic healing" crap and was one of those chiropractors who believes you should get "adjusted" forever like once a week.
I don't want that!!
I just want to be fixed RIGHT NOW!!!
Feel free to leave your suggestions as I can hardly walk. Thank you kindly for your patronage.


Dawn said...

First thing my chiro always says is "Ice". Bag of peas or whatever on the spot and take three IB or two Aleive for inflamation...let it all settle down, then have the chiro work on you. Hope that helps. I'm sure you already know that stuff. My hubby has blown disc's and I have back ache pain all the time too. Sorry...hope you get some relief soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Ice for the first day then heat. Aleve will definitely help. After years of back pain and visiting chiropractors, I was turned on to a physical therapist and yoga. The only thing that will help your back is core work and stretching. I'll never go to a chiropractor again...Matt.

mick b: lonely golf guy said...

Perhaps a healthy dose of a Sunday morning church service will cure your ills. :)

Amy said...

hey you. My friendly ghost - missed you yesterday...Yes I know an awsome chiro. Dr. Ewanyk
(EE-won-ik). Across from Baskin Robins 31 flavors South Salem. He is a treat to your body. Ice is the answer. IB profin also. Stay away from Aleve it is time release and does not always work for major pain in a large enough dose because of the time release. Take is from a person who broke her back. 503 378-0068 705 Ewald SE

We will be praying for a quick recovery.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Thanks all for your concerns. I do appreciate it.

I did one little mention on my show yesterday morning and I found out just how many people listen! I got calls from 4 chiropractors and I don't know how many emails and calls from listeners recommending someone!
I went to Dr. Geary Michels who had treated our station gm many times and he was FANTASTIC!
He had me ice and ibuprofen first, then he had 15 minutes of electroshock similar to my little tens unit I use on Sundays, then he did two pops and I was a new man!
Today I am a little sore from the muscles that got pulled but no pain in my leg or back.

Best part is he isn't one of those wack jobs that wants you to come in every week til death, he just says to come back when I need him.
Great stuff!