Saturday, September 27, 2008

George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi?

Are GWB and San Fran Gram Nan in "bed" together?
I am SICK at this whole "bail out" business.
This is the United States of America and we are a free enterprise system.
Yes this is the biggest financial story since the Great Depression, but saddling the taxpayers with $700billion in debt is UNFORGIVABLE. Any Republican that votes for this bailout better beware come election time.

Stupid people bought homes, cars, boats, rv's etc., with money they didn't have and I am supposed to bail them out?
Greedy jerk bank managers knowingly made BAD loans and then took their money and ran, and I am supposed to bail them out?
Financial institutes, caving into the "politically correct" movement in America made loans to minorities who should not have been given those loans out of fear of being "racist" in their lending practices.
Now it all comes crashing down and I am supposed to bail it out?
I am sorry if you are losing your home, you probably should have thought it out better instead of taking advantage of the market and biting off more than you could chew.
Mr. Bank, sorry you made really STUPID loans, so, close down and go on to something else.
This is not the average tax paying AMERICAN'S FAULT!
Currently according to MSNBC polls of incoming emails and calls, the legislator's are hearing 100-1 that Americans don't want this bailout!
They better listen!
Anything that brings Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and George W. Bush together, can't be a good thing.
GWB is a traitor to Conservatives everywhere. I am ashamed!


Anonymous said...

WOW! GWB a traitor? Weren't you just saying a few months back that we should respect the president and never speak of him so? I am glad you finally saw him for what he is...a hypocrite on a scale not seen since, well, whichever weirdo religious freak is taking drugs, having extramarital homosexual affairs and mismanaging church funds. All in the name of Jesus! And by the way, I think anyone who votes for McCain and that idiot Palin couldn't possibly love this country or respect any aspect of the presidency...Matt.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Yes he is a traitor to HIS PARTY, but what does homo's got to do with this other than GWB's involvement POLITICALLY with Barney Frank?

I still respect GWB as a man just not politically.

"Idiot"? My, that is a bit harsh isn't it? Have I called Obama an "idiot" yet? Biden? Barney Frank? Nancy Pelosi?
So, I don't love my country?
Hey Matt, saying things like that will get you booted again.
Logical and intelligent discourse may stay, but this will not.