Sunday, September 21, 2008

OK, Who's Kid Is This Anyway????

I submit to you below evidence that the POST blood is thicker than that blood with which our family mixes.
Yes that fine chiseled facial good looks runs rampant in the
male side of the POST family.
You want proof? I
got PROOF!

Photo #1 Joshua O'Meara Photo#2 Billy Post

As you can plainly see, although separated by 47 years, these two young men are POSTS.
Look closely at the steely eyes, the firm chins, the stout cheeks, and those finely muscled hands.
I ask the reader, is there any doubt that these two fine young men are cut from the same cloth?

ps: this is my nephew Joshua, my youngest sister's son. The lad on the right is an upstanding member of the Salem-Keizer community.


Dawn said...

That kid on the left is the most beautiful child I have ever seen. This is by far the best blog entry in the universe!!! (The Post family is also known by their humility!!)

Amy said...

I can see Tegan has compitition at this point. He missed you yesterday!