Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Network vs. Sarah Palin

NBC and MSNBC have gone to "all out war" against Sarah Palin.
Most of it smacks of "meow" as in cat fights, which of course ALL guys love and so the ratings are great.
Seriously though, the network folks at NBC have figured out that they don't have much to fear from John McCain. He will always work with the Dems to get whatever he needs, that's just the way he is, but this "crazy lady from Alaska"? Now that is a problem for them.

What happened to the Feminist movement?
For 40 years they have shoved "women's empowerment" down our throats and rightly so, but now for the FIRST TIME a woman, a woman governor mind you, is on the ticket of a major election and they have bailed on her!
Where is Gloria Steinem?
My personal opinion: ugly women hate Sarah. Sorry, but I have noticed that ALL of the female anchors that have blasted her are sort of.....well. homely.
Sarah is intellig
ent, gorgeous, men love her, and the feminists hate her. Why? You tell me!


Shirley Buxton said...

I think Sarah Palin is beautiful, smart, and as qualified as anyone else in the running to be the President of the United States--if God forbid something would happen to Senator McCain.

She seems sensible, wise, quick, spirited and courageous.

Enjoy your blog and your stance for America.

The Blunt Matt said...

I don't have a problem with Sarah personally, but the only reason she is the governor of Alaska is due to term limits. Otherwise, she'd still be running a town full of meth labs in a state her husband wanted to secede from the Union. That's about as anti-American as it gets...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

And Bill Clinton was any different?
Jimmy Carter?

At least they all as well as Palin, had EXECUTIVE experience.

Sen. Obama can't even show up for what little work he has to do now.

The Blunt Matt said...

Sadly, I think the President boils down to confidence. People sleep better at night knowing that their leader at least appears strong in the eyes of the world. If Sarah was to become President, I think we would be in more trouble than we are now. I just don't see her as a strong leader.

And Jimmy Carter ran and won on the "outsider" talk as well and look how well he ran this country--into the ground! I thought Clinton did a better job than we expected, but Palin makes me feel very uneasy. I would much rather have Obama over her any day of the weak. She is far too simple minded to be trusted...