Saturday, October 4, 2008

Moderation Necessary

I am currently set to moderate all comments left on this blog.
So, that means you will not see your comment right away, until I log on and allow the comment or not. Why, you might ask?
Because this is MY BLOG and MY WASTE OF AIR (or in geek speak, Waste of Terrabytes or something like that).

I might be a low down dirty lying dog, but NO ONE corrects ME.
Yes, it is a public internet, but this is MY SITE.
You want to come and play in my sandbox, you better bring nice toys.
This is for the amusement of myself and a few friends and family members.
Just because someone is wasting billions of man hours searching Google for keywords, doesn't give that someone the right to blast away at someone's blog.

You will not be posted here if I don't like it.
In other words, I am going home and taking my ball with me!

Have a nice day, I mean really!


mick b: beaver boy said...

Well, I wondered when it might come to this. I'm not sure if this has anything to do w/ Matt or if there is another "surfer" attempting to spew. You have a couple of options available to you as I see it. You can screen posts and filter any that have offensive language or you can stop allowing comments, similar to what Jenny Green did. I have seen Matt's attempts to engage you intellectually, but I have also seen the crap he posts on his blog. Which one is the true Matt? The reflective, thoughtful one or the one who verbally "stamps his feet and pouts." I've known you for several years now and I am certain of a few things about you: you love the Lord, you are passionate about a lot of things, you love your family and you don't take criticism very well. I'm not saying that that is necessarily a character flaw. It's just your emotional and intellectual make-up. If you're willing to accept my assessment of you, I'm wondering if placing your heart and soul out for the global eyes to respond to is what's best for Bill Post. I post comments in our local paper under a pen name and always look back to see what people have responded to. At first, I took a few of the rebuttals personally and then decided that there are stubborn people on both sides of the fence. I consider myself an "enlightened" person, not because I have gained knowledge, but rather I have tried many of the things that the world has to offer in an attempt to feed my soul and ended up completely satisfied w/ the saving blood of Jesus Christ. In that, you and I have common ground.

Jen said...

Bill...take the blog down. Love ya, but you stress me out. I agree with you really want your heart and soul out there? And sometimes I are a somewhat public figure in the salem/keizer area...anyone can read your blog. Kids, mayors, your boss, etc. Peace.

Amy said...

I agree you are a public figure and very well known by many in our town, so I also worry that some crazy might try to get at you. At the same time I know what you stand for and that God will protect you. Besides worrying is sin and we need to trust in the Lord instead of engaging in worrying about it.
Keep your blog if that is what God wants and do your best to waste your air any time.

The Blunt Matt said...

OK Bill...I have decided that you are right and I am wrong. I completely crossed the line with some of my comments and I sincerely apologize. I also will apologize for the offensive post on my own site relating to your blog and I have removed it. I would also like to extend an apology to any of your friends or viewers that I may have offended.

In my quest to enlighten and educate, I sometimes get confused between discourse and my own lack of sensitivity. I don't blame you at all for blocking my comments and it is perfectly within your right to do so. But, as long as it is up and you post things that I disagree with, I will point it out but will be ever respectful to a fault. I enjoy political discussions and intellectual engagements and I disregarded and dismissed your beliefs and everyone else's who has come to enjoy your blog.

Again, please accept my apology and I hope in the future we can enjoy the banter that has endeared me to waste my time and air on your blog...Matt.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Matt that was totally cool! I thank you appreciate what you said.
If I have offended in any way, I too am most apologetic.
I can be a bit of a smart aleck, ok, a LOT of a smart aleck.

What you don't know about me, that these other's do is one important component of this site: I am 99% full of crap.
I am a morning disc jockey, and have been for nearly 30 years.
There is an entire "other" bill that has been created over those years.
Now, when is it crap and when is it real? That's the question isn't it? About the only person who knows that answer is my wife, and even after 19 years, she still has to sift through a pile to get to what I am really saying.
I like to post those outrageous things so that the people I figured were reading, mostly friends and family, would get riled up and start arguing with me, knowing all along that I am doing that on purpose!
Now that you know that, you have to keep in mind that many of my posts, especially political are to get a rise out of people, just like I do on the air every morning.
Thus, the "Waste of Air".
Most of the time you won't need to correct me, as I may already think the same thing, but you will never know....hee hee!
Now, as to the question of truth, I still want to know, WHAT IS THE TRUTH!