Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black Obama Voters Fooled by McCain questions

I am NOT a Howard Stern fan, but this is so freaking obvious it is sick. Howard sent "Sal" to Harlem to interview Blacks on Obama. They substituted McCain's policies for Obama's and even say "Obama's VP Pick Sarah Palin"! They still say they vote for Obama! Who's the racist? White Republicans or Black Democrats? You listen and decide:


The Blunt Matt said...

Well Bill, I don't think either one is more or less racist than the other. We all have our prejudices. But you're going to tell me they kind find one person in Harlem to correct Sal? Maybe they interviewed 100 people and picked those three? It shows just how uninformed the voters are and that scares me more than anything. Neither one is honest about anything nor do they ever answer a question. But, you said it yourself in an earlier comment--you are voting straight party line no matter who runs. So, what's the difference?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

The difference, though not huge, is at least I KNOW WHAT MY FREAKING CANDIDATE'S POLICIES AND PLATFORMS ARE.
Democrats are accusing Republicans of racism on every single iota and item that is used against the anointed one.
If we slam him on Rezcko we are racists.
If we slam him for Rev. Wright: racists.
Call him out on Bill Ayers: racists.
Question his socialist views: racist.

Who's the racist? Thousands and thousands of Black Americans will vote for Obama because of one and only one thing: he is Black.
That is FAR more heinous than my Party Line Vote!

The Blunt Matt said...

I actually find both to be flawed. I'm agreeing with you on the Barack thing. I don't think people should be allowed to vote just because they are 18. I think demonstrating some kind of intelligence or knowledge should be the benchmark. I know how that sounds. I can promise you that I am much more of a Republican than anything in spite of some of the things I've said here.

But, this is what is wrong with our system. You have people who shouldn't be allowed to vote because they don't have any idea of what is going on. And then we have a bunch of people voting another because we think the candidates actually share our beliefs. Like it or not, Republicans use abortion, gay marriage, God, etc. to get our vote and then turn on us like GWB. So that's what I feel is the problem voting straight party line. We get played by both sides and I find it offensive.

As for the racism thing, it's just another distraction. It's no secret that Republicans are and have been blatantly racist--I have plenty of references. So have the Democrats. Pointing fingers doesn't fix anything. I find it to be a class issue much more than anything...