Friday, October 10, 2008

Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'

This is very very scary! Conservatives are the ones being accused of calling Obama "The Messiah" in jest, but here is video and audio proof of what his followers actually believe!


The Blunt Matt said...

I don't know Bill. I never heard him say Barak was the Messiah. I also think Louis lost his mind many years ago. Either way, I heard Obama, young people, and Messiah, but I never heard the link. I guess I have to put on my Republican hat on to hear it?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Well, then you really gotta listen close, or I didn't get the one with the full cut.
He distinctly says "when the messiah speaks, children listen".
He may not say "Obama is the Messiah" but he implies it quite clearly.
This along with the brown shirted "nazi youth" singing the Obama anthem etc, all are things we have NEVER seen in this country before, we should at least be able to agree on that?
This isn't an "I LIKE IKE" type thing, it is so close to worship it is unbelievable.
I have never, nor will I ever WORSHIP, adore or even get too over worked over a politician.
The Beatles, maybe, politician? No.

The Blunt Matt said...

Agreed on the Beatles! But I really don't think his followers believe he is the Messiah--implied is a rather vague way to say it. I would agree that Louis thinks Obama is the answer, but what do you care what some marginalized kook says? And we could say this about a lot of politicians. What about the unconditional revererance for Reagan?

And as you well know, in times of adversity, people look to somebody to lead them. God and religion aside, people will put their faith in ANYONE who says they can fix things. I definitely agree that the cult-like worship of Obama is scary and I don't like it.

And I actually heard a McCain correct one of his supporters the other day who yelled out that Obama was an Arab and John politely let the woman know this was not true.

No matter who wins, I think we can agree that not much will change for the majority of us...

Anonymous said...


Jeremy Green said...

Isn't Farrakhan part of the Nation of Islam? I didn't think that Islam was looking for a 'Messiah' to come.

I agree with the blunt matt, that dude lost his mind a long time ago. Religious fanatics seldom say anything worth listening to.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Louis Farrakhan lost his marbles years ago yes, but that is a whole great big church full of folks who don't know that do they?

The kool aid Barack is handing out is working.
The dumbing down of America continues.