Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Really Great Conservative Lawmaker In Oregon!

Alright, I really should have started the title as "one OF the great conservative....". He is not the ONLY one but he is a good one!
I am talking about Rep. Bruce Hanna of District 7, basically the Douglas County/Roseburg area.
I have had the privilege of meeting him and having him as a guest on the radio show and he is just plain outstanding. He is part of the group of Conservative Republicans who are trying to get a REAL budget through the Legislature this session. This budget is called the "Back to Basics Budget for 2009-2011".
It really is a great piece of legislation and is very understandable.
Here is a great video of him talking on the House Floor earlier this month:

He makes sense, he is full of common sense and he is sharp. With Rep. Kim Thatcher, Sen. Ted Ferrioli and a few other brave Conservatives, they are taking on the bozo that is our Governor, Mr. Ted, the famous talking horse.
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Rep. Hanna, I applaud you!

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