Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek: My review of the NEW film

(Spoiler Alert!)
I saw the new Star Trek movie Saturday and I have to give a short review. Now if you haven't seen it, part of my review will include stuff you won't want to know, so read at your peril.

As a TOTAL Star Trek GEEK and unashamedly I might add, I went into this movie with very skeptical vision. I love JJ Abrams and his films such as the Mission Impossible movies and I love "Lost", so I figured he would make a good movie, but hey, this is Star Trek, you don't mess with Captain Kirk et al.

I was NOT disappointed. It was a GREAT movie! Tons of action, great dialogue, cool effects, all that you could possibly want.
As a Trekker, I was also pleased at how well he took care of the main characters. He didn't compromise them. By using a time travel idea, he was able to create a NEW story line that will enable them to make many more Star Trek movies without running into the old stories.
I can even forsee THE Captain Kirk, William Shatner, making an appearance, much as Leonard Nimoy did as Spock.
You'll have to see it to figure that one out!

I give this one a BIG thumbs up. I will watch it over and over again!
I especially love the guy who plays Leonard McCoy, "Bones", he really captured the essence of Dr. McCoy from the legendary DeForest Kelley (gone on to Star Trek heaven).

All in all a fun film for the whole family. Very little bad language, one small intimate scene that didn't go too far. Lots of good old fashioned Romulan killing too!
Go see it!!

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