Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bill Post Radio Show Website is now on!

I am so excited to announce that starting at noon today, my new website is up! In fact you may be here from the site itself. The Bill Post Radio Show website
It is really cool! It has each day's show in an instant audio player and we put the show on within about a half hour of it being over.
We will have archived shows soon.
We have a message board so anyone can chat and discuss things.
We have links to this blog and Justin's blog.
Lots of fun!
Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will find less "personal" stuff on the blog now, but it will have a much wider audience, so I will try to stick to "non-family" as in MY family stuff.
Thank you all for your support and please go visit our site soon!


Tammy Bowers said...

Can you give us a link to your new website?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

It is on this post. It's kind of light colored font.

The Blunt Matt said...

I can't wait to see what kind of "liberal" nutjobs will be posting to your blog. Along the the "conservative" ones, this should get interesting quickly...

Tammy Bowers said...

Found it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

bookmark us to your favorites ,,,,UHHHHH?

Internet explorer uses "Add to favorites"

firefox and some others use "bookmark this page".

don't take it wrong bill you guys are fun to listen. I don't have a problem with your show. But maybe you like the expression bookmark us etc.. Or maybe you are trying to invent one. he he.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Yo, bookmark, favorites, mama, it's all the same, I call it geek stuff. Like this podthing. What's a pod? Isnt that the bad guy from some old sci fi movie?
I do use this firefox thing, I hate Bill Gates and use as few things related to him as possible!

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates owns "Internet Explorer" not "FireFox"

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Right, which is why I use Firefox not Internet Explorer.
It's not Bill Gate's.

Jorge257 said...

Why do you guys always make fun of the other party? even mocking; I think that's childlish. You are just copying what Laura Ingraham does, I don't like her voice at all.

Bill o'reilly had a better approach.

Lars Larson sounds very smart I like his show better as he takes phone calls every minute. I don't agree with him in many aspects but his show is fun to listen to.

I wish your show was better

Jorge257 said...

And yes the other two, Rush and Hannity, they sound like preachers, They think they know it all. They take phone calls every once in a while and all I hear it's some stupid guy or lady say:

"Ayy! I love your show and please educate me. (what kind of crap is that?)

They might be right sometimes, but I don't like to be preached especially about politics. I listen to them only once in a great while then switch because they sound so conceited to me.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

jorge: thank you for your input. We personally think we are very funny. In fact I have had to clean my pants many times.
As for Lars, eh....he has the same old tired mantra EVERY day. Illegal immigration. That is why KYKN dropped him years ago.
I agree about hannity and rush, they talk WAY too much.
As for O'reilly, he's a liberal trying to pass himself off as a conservative.
That is why his radio show died and he is on tv only now.
Now, comparing our show to Laura Ingraham? Please....I HATE listening to her show, so now you have REALLY insulted us! :)