Thursday, May 7, 2009

The National Day of Prayer: Censored!!

Today, May 7, 2009 is the annual National Day of Prayer. Now I don't have the time nor the energy to find the origins of this tradition, nor do I care how it started, I just like it.
Of course the Bible tells us many times to pray. Paul said to "Pray constantly" and similar statements, but this day is set aside, much like Sunday is set aside, as a day to stop what we are doing and take a little extra time to pray.
Our new President has decided that this "p
ublic display of prayer" is not befitting of his White House and so yesterday he declared that the day would not be observed "publicly" but instead, he would be in "private" prayer.
Now I am just fine with private prayer, in fact the best praying time I have is in my "prayer closet", but this is the direction our fearless "leader" is taking us. Slowly but surely his TRUE inner thoughts are being exposed, not by anyone but himself.
He says we are "not a Christian nation" and with his Chicago church and political background I could see where he gets that from.

All this to say, of course we don't care what this buffoon says, we will pray anyway and we will pray most assuredly for him.

I, however am taken back to the many times I observed the dear older, gray haired saints of my church. They pray like no one else I know. They pray humbly, deeply and most emphatically from their hearts. I praise and thank God for this simple means of communication that He allows between his creation and the Creator Himself. What an awesome God.

Pray today, pray everyday, pray "unceasingly"!


The Blunt Matt said...

I'm glad Obama has decided to honor the Founding Fathers' idea of separating church and state. We are not a Christian nation and just because that has been the dominant religion, does not make it the official religion, either.

I think religion and prayer should be a private matter and not a public one AT ALL.

Let's not forget that part of the reason this nation was founded was to remove the shackles of a corrupt and overbearing church...

The Blunt Matt said...

Also, if you happened to view the full context of Reverand Wright's sermons, you would understand what was said, but that wouldn't give anyone anything to talk about and the conservative radio and T.V. nutjobs seem to have a hard time telling or admitting the truth...