Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kate Norley and Vets for Freedom Video on Barack Obama and Iraq

Here is an awesome commercial running from Vets for Freedom asking a legitimate question of Barack Obama: "Why won't you come visit the troops in Iraq?"
She is an Iraq Veteran who asks "why won't you meet with General Petraeus, but would meet with terrorists?" This is HUGE!!


Anonymous said...

Really? This is as obvious as FOX News with the Right Wing slant. In case you didn't know, the founder of Vets For Freedom was the first American journalist to report that the surge was working. Vets for Freedom is funded by the RNC so this spot reeks of typical Rove tactics.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

So, whomever is funding it, does it lessen the question that was asked?
Why won't Barack Obama go to Iraq? When will he go to Iraq?
Will he debate McCain in Iraq?
Poor libs always whining.