Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Review

Woohoo!!! Great movie for all ages!!

Colleen and I went to see it at the new theaters in Independence (very nice I might add, very comfortable seats and the matinees are $6!)

I am of course a HUGE C.S. Lewis fan, more so his non-fiction, but I read the Narnia books many times as a youngster and again as an adult. I love them all. They did a nice job of re-creating what I had in my mind.

This was a little better than the first, I thought, and really kept your attention. No real slow moments.

Might be a bit intense for the really little ones, but no more than the first movie was.

I wish Hollywood would do more of this sort of stuff and stay out of the crud they usually dig into.

I hope that this film does well at the box office to encourage them to continue.

So, not much of a review, it was lots of fun, and I highly recommend!!! Two thumbs up!


Jen said...

Hey Bill!

I won't touch your political threads, but love stuff like this.

We were blessed this weekend to see the movie at the "El Capitan" Disney theatre in Hollywood. Google it to check it out, but basically since it's owned by Disney, it busts out the good times. There were props (including the wall on the subway where they were when called back to Narnia) and costumes from the actual movie through out the theatre and we had "flames" on the stage and leaf confetti fall on the audience. It was an incredible experience for my kids, us, and my parents who journeyed down to see it with us!

I loved the first one too, but agree, this one topped it. What I love the most about it was the great themes throughout the movie. I love how Aslan waited in the forest for Lucy to come to him once he revealed himself to her. Just like God and us. He shows us a glimpse of His glory and we are drawn to Him, but have to choose to go on the journey to find Him and follow Him. And, all of the obstacles (including others) along the way are so real as well. Lewis was just doubt about it.

So, for anyone who hasn't decided whether they'll see it yet...SEE IT. Fantastic movie and worth every penny.

God Bless Bill! Jen Green

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Yes Jen, right on! I must be getting soft in my old age, but when Lucy first sees Aslan, I actually got teary eyed, as I saw it for what Lewis meant it to be, us greeting Jesus!
Plus it was just darn cute.

Anyway, that theater is very very cool, I have been there, and yes, it is fantastic for this sort of film. You guys I am sure, had a blast!

Dawn said...

Hi Bill,
Bill and the kids saw the movie over the weekend and loved it!! I will have to see it on DVD...because of the baby. I have very fond memories of this series as Mom read it all to me when I was a kid. Loved it!! Have you ever read C.S. Lewis's Weight of Glory (Sp?)? Our pastor said it is one of his favorites and I would like to read it.