Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barack Obama goof ups or Obamaism's

Let's take a look at the latest "Obamaism's"!

1 - "I have been in oh, 57 states so far and have a few more to go".

2 - "As Commander OF Chief......."

3 - "My uncle freed prisoners from Auschwitz or Buchenwald err one of those places".

4 - (At a Memorial Day speech) "We are here to honor those who have fallen in wars for this country and some of them I see standing here today".

5 - (To a news reporter, female) "Hey Sweetie, can you hang on a minute".

Yes this is the man who would be President. And the libs thought George W. Bush was dingy!


The Blunt Matt said...

Really? Bush has said far dumber things yesterday. Don't let your overt racism cloud your thought process. Neither Obama or McCain are the right man for the job. I'm just glad we get one more choice than communist Russia! Woo Hoo for American Terrorism!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

When Mr. Obama is President, if he is, I should say, I will treat him as I did President Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon or any other president, with respect for the office and his place in the world.
I would never boo him at an event or call him some of the horrendous names that have been called by many to all of our recent presidents.
The Bible teaches us to pray for and submit to ALL authority, because ALL authority was put in place by God.
Saying stupid things as a candidate, and as a president are two different things, and I will try to be kinder anyway, just because!

cellubration said...

First of all, the "I've been to like 57 states" was said in jest like "Wow I must have campaigned in like 1 million states" it was a way of showing how much they've traveled and campaigned. BTW, have you never said something accidently like Commander of Chief, i'm sure he knows what it actually is he's Harvard graduated from Harvard Law with honors, give me a break. At least he doesn't think Pakistan and Iraq shared a border. LOL