Thursday, May 29, 2008

How we can ALL be Equal, Truly Equal

(There, MICK, I have three, count them THREE, new entries for you!)
I confess that I am disturbed by the American election. There is way too much interest in race and gender on both sides of the aisle. There must be some way to evaluate a candidate without subjecting candidates to a racist or sexist (whether straightforward or reverse) discrimination.
I propose the Burkha, for all candidates. Also, I would like to take the NAMES off the candidates. A name like "Barack Obama" says worlds, as does Hillary "Clinton."
Therefore I propose that all candidates must remain in a Burkha throughout the election season, and go only by a number. In addition, I humbly submit that voices should be disguised by a robot voice, so that every thing that a candidate says, sounds exactly like everything every other candidate says. Only the ideology, or the intellectual positions, would therefore be in play. There is way too much emphasis on how candidates look. And way too much emphasis on how some candidates sound.
I would like also all members of our society to dress in Burkhas, irrespective of gender (the Taliban's attempt to disguise all males behind a heavy beard doesn't go FAR enough). Also, we should just have numbers instead of names. And the numbers should never be prime numbers, or people would start to fight over them, and to talk about how their number is a "prime" number and mine, for example, is not. Also, the robot voice should be in effect for one and all, even within the confines of one's home. There should be NO sense that an individual has ANY identity whatsoever, aside from their number (numbers should begin in the trillions, and never be primes, but other than that, numbers that are seen to be special for any reason should be taken out of circulation). I think that in this way true equality can be reached. And that, after all, is the American way.


Tammy Bowers said...

Bill, huh? Of course you are going overboard to make your point. But I lost your point in the joke.

Jeremy said...

'A name like "Barack Obama" says worlds'

Barack is an Near Eastern (aka Hebrew) word that means 'to bless' or 'blessing'. I only know that because I am in the final week of my intensive Hebrew class... which also qualifies me as a loser.


Bill's Waste of Air said...

hey Jeremy, thanks for that info, I did not know that.
My tome was merely having fun at the press and some of the wackiness coming out lately.
Of course to the average American, Barack Obama's name, however fair or unfair, will be linked with Islam. The "Hussein" in the middle kind of hurts too.
Tammy, it's dark humor. See Woody Allen.

Jeremy said...

I knew where you were headed.. It is tough not to think of Sadaam when you hear the name Hussein. Like how I think of Clinton when I hear the name Bill. ;)

BTW, Hussein is also a Semetic (Near East) word, it means 'good' or 'handsome'.

Other famous leaders with Semetic names:

Jesus (Yeshua)

John (Yochanan) McCain
Benjamin (Bin Yamin) Franklin
Thomas (Tuma) Jefferson
Abraham (Av Raham) Lincoln

Jeremy (yermiya) Green :)

I need to hurry up and finish this quarter.. I have Hebrew on the brain.

Elohim tov maiod
(God is Very Good!)

Politicians.. Lo tov maiod (Lo = Not)

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Hey I speak Yiddish too.
Oy, vat a deal I got for you on dees nice diamond.
You some kind of a mensch? Meshuguna?