Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keith Olbermann to President Bush: "Shut the Hell Up!"

Yep, that was what he said. Not only that, but he accuses our troops of being "cold blooded killers!".
Much like the famous rant of a mad man on the classic film "Network" played by Peter Finch: "I'm mad as hell and can't take it anymore", Olbermann went off the deep end.
You can disagree with the President but to call him "boneheaded" and other such derogatory terms, is just plain wrong, free speech or not.
I have already emailed MSNBC and encourage you to do the same. Email:

You really need to watch this video, be patient, it is 12 minutes long and it may hang up at times, but it is well worth it. You must hear what he says! After viewing, tell me why this man should be allowed to be on the air?

He is a sick, sick man. How did he go from Sportscenter on ESPN to this?
This was his commentary on MSNBC last night:


WeedPoet said...

He wasn't referring the troops when he was talking about cold-blooded killers.

Did you really listen to what Olbermann said with an open mind or are you simply a ideological dogmatist who is willing to twist facts, regardless of whether your assessment is even close to being accurate?

He was referring to Bush and those in (and some who are no longer in) his administration.

He also didn't call the "president" boneheaded. He described his thinking as boneheaded.

Our country is in the sad shape it is in because of the travesty of the past 7 1-2 years.

Surely, even you can see it.

Keith said...

That I am taking time out to write a response to somebody with the self-indulgent and very explanatory pseudonym of "weedpoet" should indicate the depth of my ire. Olbermann suffers from the same problem that you and many other Americans do. He was raised in freedom and has never seen how bad the rest of the world really is. Nor has he appreciated just how difficult and costly it is to maintain freedom. By costly, I mean blood spilled and treasure spent to allow the Olbermanns of the world the freedom to continue to stage their rants. I agree with one phrase in Olbermann's sportscaster-to(for some inexplicable reason) omniscient-political-pundit rant, "Shut the Hell up!"

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Weedpoet??? Uhhh, ya.
Well thanks for stopping by, even poor suckers who fall for liberal tripe are welcome here! Although I do think "weedpoet" says it all.

Keith, thank you as well for stopping by my humble blog.
I just calls em as I sees em.
Olbermann is an arrogant ignoramus, who somehow doesn't mind the "War Machine" that pays his salary in the form of war contracts with GE the parent company of NBC.
I guess war is good for some, bad for others.

Thanks all for stopping by, please feel free to read the sermons as well, you will find them much more enlightening then the Rev. Jeremiah Wright garbage.

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the "special commentary" by Keith O. from last night. I have never written anything on a blog in my life. I am saddened tonight by what I just witnessed. I now have a clearer definition of hate. In my opinion what I witnessed was a spirit of evil. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. I have been faithful to do that for those I have voted for and those I have not voted for. I attended a Quaker school both for undergraduate work and graduate work. My family heritage is Friends. I hate war. I hate to see pain and death. Lord knows I know what it is like to lose a son. As an American, we must stop attacking fellow Americans. When we disagree lets disagree in the strongest of terms, but let us come together as fellow Americans. Our enemy is not one another. Our enemies are not other peoples from other nations. Our enemy is Satan! Whoever is elected this year, I will pray for him or her! Opinions are a precious freedom in this country. Freedom to speak our minds without recourse is pricless. May God help us to do so without hate and a spirit of evil. With deep grief, Randy

Bill's Waste of Air said...

One more thing mr. weed:
I have done quite well the last 7 1/2 years. Just got $1500 bucks in the mail! My taxes are lower, my house is bigger, my life is much improved over the previous adminstration's reign.
So, I kinda like things the way they are!
Heck, I have given away more money in the last 8 years then I have ever given in my whole life!
I like it! God has been kind to me and He chose this president to do that through. So, love him or not, President Bush, thanks.

Anonymous said...

More problems with the thinking on this page. Olberman has every right to say what's on his mind. Our president is an idiot. Is it OK to criticize a man who may become president? As you so eloquently do with Barak. And, you may be better off tax-wise with W in office, but the economy was stronger under Clinton by leaps and bounds. Whether you want to admit it or not, Clinton's reign saw much more prosperity.

And, as one of the very few dissenting voices on the air, I think it's great that someone has the courage to say it like it is. But Republicans and Democrats tend to be sheep anyway. How could anyone be proud of our current status?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Sorry mr anonymous, but Keith Olbermann is a halfwit who does not have the guts to say these kinds of things on any other program except the hand picked one he is on.
I would love to see him address the President directly in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that. As has been proven, people like Rush, Coulter, Hannity, or O'Reilly get crushed when having any kind of serious debate with knowledgable people. Olberman is doing much the same but with the dissenting voice rather than the sheep who follow the above-mentioned commentators who can't go back up their statements with fact. They rely on the dutiful following of party lines to convince the less-educated that what they are saying is true.