Friday, September 25, 2009

Who REALLY WON in 2008?

I know I know, population centers win elections, but, the following map is really fun to look at as is the story I reprint below:

Interesting Statistic
Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul , Minnesota , points out facts of 2008 Presidential election:

Number of States won by:
Democrats: 19
Republicans: 29

Square miles of land won by:
Democrats: 580,000
Republicans: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by:
Democrats: 127 million
Republicans: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Democrats: 13.2
Republicans: 2.1

Professor Olson adds:
"In aggregate, the map of the territory Republican won by Republicans was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.

Professor Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.


The Blunt Matt said...

Wow,'ve done it again. You've managed to post something that is not only wrong, but deemed a hoax by the "author" of this piece. Nice research. A very simple google search could have shown you this. And you wonder why conservative radio and T.V. have such low credibility...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Well Matt, I HAVE done it again.
I have commentated on the news, which is my job.
As for radio and tv credibility? Talk radio is at an all time high in ratings and revenue. It is the LAST trusted source.
Whether YOU like it or not, America likes it.

The Blunt Matt said...

It's funny you say that because talk radio is often not very good at providing either the truth or the facts which this post so painfully illustrates. As I said, the numbers are not even correct yet you will leave the post up. America also made "American Idol" a hit T.V. show so that is a rather poor example. I just think if you actually cared about doing something the right way instead of selling advertising time, you'd take these kinds of topics and expose them for what they are...

psychobob said...

Accuracy claims aside, this election illustrates what Alexis de Tocqueville was worried would happen in America, and would lead to what he called a "soft tyranny."
Interesting that America is fast becoming a feudal society in reverse. The lower class masses being supported and ruling over the land owners.

The Blunt Matt said...

Nice Tocqueville reference, Bob. But, I honestly don't think the masses rule over anything. I think this country has been and always will be ruled by the moneyed elite who have access to government and use it to their advantage to affect the kind of change that they need and want to see with some very small and ancillary benefits to the lower classes...

The Blunt Matt said...

And are you going to take this down since it is an obvious forgery and a lie? Or will you leave it up like the birth certificate post that was of the same vein?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

No matt, I won't be pulling it down anytime soon because:
1 - It amuses me.
2 - I don't want to take the time.
3 - It's not necessarily as YOU say.
4 - It's my fricking blog, go away if you don't like it.
5 - First Amendment rights still hold.

The Blunt Matt said...

But it's a lie and not true at all. What you are saying by leaving it up is that you don't care about being honest or truthful which does not surprise me from the standpoint that you are on talk radio, but shocking that you call yourself a Christian and this sort of behavior seems to be antithetical to those tenets...