Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blowing the Lid off of a Closet Liberal

Today's show was supposed to be our usual "Wednesday Whine" which is an open line day for any topic.
So, thinking in that direction, we had one little follow up story that just blew up into a HUGE story.
We were told by a listener that there was a bus at the McMinnville David Wu Town Hall meeting Monday night that was, as the listener described, "filled with Obama Health Care supporters with ACORN connections and the bus was sponsored by Willamette Valley Vineyards". We carefully asked for the caller to prove that in some way.
Well, just minutes before we went on the air, he emailed pictures of the bus and boy did that start a firestorm.

"THE BUS" is part of an offshoot of ACORN called: The Bus Project and Politicorps which are EXTREME left wing groups which on their own website say: "to elect Progressives to the offices in swing areas".
As the show continued the CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards called in to us. He was on vacation and apparently his employees called him to let him know what was going on.
In short, he defended his purchase of the bus and donation of the bus to "a group of young people who are getting out the vote". You can hear the whole interview and all of the show at: click on the "Listen to Latest Show" button.
We started getting more and more calls and emails AFTER his call and so we had to go an extra hour.
We found out that he was not quite as innocent as we at first suspected.
Here are some of the evidences:
1: On their web blog at and underneath the two pictures of the bus with Jim Bernau proudly standing next to it is this sentence: "To learn more about The Bus Project visit their website"
This post was pulled off their website before our show was over today!
2 - He is a supporter of the Bus Project on his own Facebook page:
Take a look at this -- Says that
Jim is a fan of the Bus Project plain as day!
3 - He is a HUGE Democrat supporter in his giving: Here's another indication of where Jim Bernau's money goes. This link at
shows that he gave 100% to Democrat campaigns just last year. If he
was involved with Republicans at one time, he doesn't appear to be
any more. Just be honest about it, Jim, that's all we ask.
4 - He is now on Twitter with the following post (although it may not be there by the time you read this:

In case he takes that down, it says:
Why can't we all just get along?
I need to tell you a little more about this "Bus Project" but I think a video that they did will explain better.

At the top of the page are the pictures of the Bus including pics with Jim Bernau, the CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyard proudly standing by the Bus. Click on them for full size and you decide, radical left or just "young people out to get the vote?"


Jamie said...

Great show! You have no idea of the look on our faces finding that bus parked 3 blocks up and around a corner 'hiding' under trees. We found this totally by accident after we got locked out of the townhall meeting, and decided to walk over to a local restaurant while we waiting for the crowds to disperse. =)

psychobob said...

I posted this on Justin's blog, but it seems Jim supports both parties as an insurance policy, not to support the political philosophy of one or the other. Companies do that all the time, hoping that whomever wins will return the favor.