Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Picture That Says It ALL!!!

After the beer summit, President Obama, Sergeant Crowley, and Professor Gates all walked out of the White House together. Well sort of together. A picture says a thousand words, doesn't it:

The way powerful people treat those who have less power than they do said volumes about them. In this case, this picture tells us that the president simply can't be bothered to help his infirm friend down the stairs and instead leaves that task to the very police officer he belittled in front of the entire nation. This question is just begging to be asked: who's acting stupidly now?

Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker offers his remarks and notes that it's an apt metaphor for the president's health care plan:

I think this photo constitutes another major Obama blunder.

As some AT commentators point out, this picture becomes a metaphor for ObamaCare. The elderly are left in the back, with only the kindness of the Crowleys of the world, the stand up guys, to depend on. The government has other priorities.

One of the major subtexts of the health care debate involves the public's fear of indifferent, powerful bureaucrats ruling their lives. It is one thing to wait in line at the DMV to find out which other line you should wait in, in order to begin the process of waiting for multiple bureaucrats to go through the motions of processing your request. I have spent entire afternoons going through this process.

But when we get to health care, waiting often means enduring pain and dysfunction longer than necessary, sometimes a worsening of the condition, and sometimes death.

That's why I think this image will have genuine resonance. It captures something that older Americans in particular can relate to. The President presses ahead with a program that will tell them to take painkillers instead of getting that artificial hip.

By the way, see any difference with THIS picture:


The Blunt Matt said...

Really? The American Stinker? That blog is almost as intellectually vacant as yours...The picture means nothing. Just like the one where everyone said Obama was looking at that woman's butt, how can you determine ANYTHING from it? And invoking GWB as helpful to the elderly? Also ridiculous and reminding me of all that is wrong with political commentators who offer no solutions, only blame. Nice work, Bill...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. You are doing a great job of reinforcing them.