Monday, August 17, 2009

The Salem Town Hall Meeting with Kurt Schrader

Your intrepid reporter was there! Although I fell asleep half way through as Mr. Schrader is rather long winded and boring as heck.

What I came away with was: about 2/3rds of the crowd were Conservatives concerned with Obamacare and a small segment were what really looked to me like OLD HIPPIES.
Yes, old hippies. I didn't know they still existed. The evidence is the bus pictured above. Oh, and a large group of Illegal Immigrants holding signs for "immigration reform".

They were the only ones to applaud when Rep. Schrader said ANYTHING PRO health care reform.
For the most part Rep. Schrader repeated the mantra heard all over the country and covered NO new ground. The crowd seemed mostly restless and not satisfied and by the time it broke up, I felt NOTHING had been accomplished.

The funniest thing of all was watching Dick Hughes, the editor of the Statesman Journal trying to control the crowd and being in charge of sound. Never let a newspaper man run sound. NO ONE could hear the questions, he just wouldn't turnthe mic up other than when he had some wiseacre crack to make. He was NOT funny.

All in all, I think the Democrats have really lost on this one and are in full fledged retreat mode. It's ONE TERM AND OUT FOR PRESIDENT OHbama.


The Blunt Matt said...

Please don't say that about the single term. I said that repeatedly about GWB and it turned into a horrible Karmic jinx...

psychobob said...

That van looks like my late grandfather's car. He was a real activist, traveling to the US and USSR to protest nuclear arms up into his 60's.
We often disagreed, but at least he was willing to stand for his convictions but also listen to other arguments. He worked at Hanford and homesteaded in Eastern Washington, so he was no professional protester.