Monday, December 17, 2007

"24" Will Jack Bauer return or not in January?

Well as you can see Fox is saying it will return, but everywhere else I go, the talk is that due to the writer's strike, "24" will not be back in 2008.
So, will you be going into withdrawal if it doesn't come back?
A season without Jack? Ahrrrrrgghhhhh!!!!
So, tell me what you think and what is your favorite "Jack Bauer moment"?
I have too many, I can't think of just one!!


Jennyth said...

My friend who is a writer and on strike has told me that 24 has been cut. Regardless of the strike, he's pretty sure it won't be returning, they filmed 8 episodes and pulled it. And, isn't Keifer in jail or something?

I love 24 but last season was lame. Seems like Jack can only save the world so many times before we all get tired of it...?

Bill's Waste of Air said...

I agree, it does get silly at times, but heck, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood did it too!
I have heard the same thing, that because the producers REQUIRE that it be straight shows with no interuptions, they will not air what they have now and instead will return in Jan '09.
That sucks!!
Yep, Kiefer is in a short jail stint. Drunk driving.
Jack would never do that though. :)

Dawn said...

The only show I get around to watching these days is "The Biggest Loser" and tomorrow night is the finale!! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares?