Friday, December 28, 2007

A Shameless Plug for Sunday School!!

I have the privilege of leading an adult Sunday School class at my church. It is one of the most diverse groups of people probably ever put together in one church.
We have Evangelicals, Baptists, Assembly of Gods, Foursquares, Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics, new Christians, mature Christians, 20 somethings, 80 somethings and everything in between.
Not only are they diverse, but they ALL hunger and thirst after righteousness!
We have wonderful discussion and yet they also let me rant and rave when I feel strongly about the subject matter we might be on that week. There are probably times when these kind people want to shoot me, but they let me go!
This past Sunday they gave me a wonderful gift and card.

I say all of this to encourage anyone reading this, who does not currently go to a Sunday School anywhere, please find one this Sunday!
There is really no replacement for a great Sunday School class. The fellowship, the thinking, discussion, learning, prayer support and more, is awesome.
You don't get that from one hour of worship on Sunday morning. You are really missing out.
Now of course if you are serving in the Church, then this does not apply. You are doing VERY important work.
Unless you are serving, you SHOULD be in Sunday School!!!
Our class regularly supports two missionary families to the tune of about $400 a month, they constantly find other people to support financially and in other ways, they hold tons of things and people up in prayer weekly and more. This is a very very caring and loving class.
I invite you to come visit us if you don't currently have a class. We meet at 11am in the Fellowship Hall rooms 1 and 2 at Salem Evangelical Church. Please feel free to contact me for more information. We are called the OPEN BIBLE Class, because we OPEN our Bibles! We don't study anything but the Bible.
We are currently in the book of 1 Samuel.
There will be one exception in Janurary.
All of our adult teachers have been asked to teach on "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn for the first three weeks of January as part of our Pastor's series on giving.
I hope to hear from or see you this Sunday!


Tammy Bowers said...

Nice post, Bill, I love it. (I also love writing post, and Bill in that order in a sentence - ha!)

Okay, I think the comments over here get a bit mean sometimes, but let me tell you, they are nothing compared to the comments on Randy Alcorn's 12-21-07 blog regarding Starbucks and Heaven. His post was excellent, but the 30 something comments will really get you boiling. (Except for mine, of course.) Anyway, you can get to it through the bank of links on my blog. I'll check it later to see your witty two cents, Mick's too I hope.

ValJean said...

As for those who are serving on Sunday mornings and can't attend Sunday school class, it is good if they have a class they associate with so that they can get prayer support, and also attend the parties and potlucks. Those are awesome because then you get to just visit without limit.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Tammy: thanks I post bill too.
Anyway, as for Randy's blog, I did look at it, and I have a link at the bottom of this page as well.
I was not happy with the responses he got, although he opened himself up when he started the political entries.
I think he probably should have stayed away from that.
valjean: great point!!