Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting our Priorities Straight

Last night I went to my parent's new home and watched the "little" creek running in the back yard turned into a raging brown river about 150 feet across.
I watched my nearly 70 year old parents look on as the "river" raged 3 feet from the dining room window and saw the pain in their faces.
Why did I title this "priorities"? My "priority" yesterday was taking care of some what were really stupid things around my house and took a nap while my dad nearly broke his back loading and unloading sand bags in the pouring rain. I didn't realize the danger that they were in.
I see now that sometimes what seems important to me is really pretty unimportant.
Their house is ok, they are ok, but God has shown me once again, my selfishness.
God forgive me.


Tammy Bowers said...

Sooooooo glad your folks house is okay! PTL!

Dawn said...

Your transparency and humility made my day!! Thank you for sharing!! I love you!!