Friday, July 4, 2008

The Fourth of July Firecracker Open

Happy Independence Day!
God Bless our Troops!
Thank you Men and Women for making the freedom we are enjoying today possible!

Dan, Tammy, Colleen and I played in the McNary Golf Club Annual Firecracker Open this morning. We had a great time, made some very good shots, not so very good shots and a few horrible shots, but overall, we played pretty dang good!

It was Tammy's first "official" golf tournament and she did great!
Colleen is now a three time veteran of this tournament so she gets better every year.

We did not win, but had a wonderful time, couldn't think of a better thing to do or nicer people to be with. Thanks Dan and Tammy!!!


mick b; Brady Bunch guy said...

Bill, you are cut like Adonis! I appreciate the orange polo. It's nice to see you in something other than green and yellow.

writenow said...

Enjoyed looking at your pictures and hearing a bit about your 4th.

What a wonderful day--what a wonderful country!

Shirley Buxton