Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman, Holy Bat Guano! Pick your Favorite!

I have been a crazed Batman fan since I opened that first DC comic in 1966. Bob Kane, who created the Batman in the 1940's made a different Super Hero. Batman had no special powers, didn't come from another planet, was just a man who was driven to do right. He never in all of these years, killed anyone. He stood for what was right, but was not squeaky clean like Superman. I loved him as a kid and as an adult. In those days, the 1960's, the comic was influenced by the campy TV series starring Adam West. Even then, I didn't really like the TV show as a young boy, I thought that the Batman was so cool, so dark and so strong, this fat sissy boy on TV could NOT be THE Batman.

Later in my adult life, the 1980's, the resurgence of Batman, partly due to Tim Burton's resurrection of the series in his movies, I started reading Batman comics again. Thankfully they had brought Batman back to his roots as The Dark Knight, always torn by his duty and his inner demons.
I liked the Tim Burton movies, well the first one anyway, even though I still have a hard time with Micheal Keaton as the Batman, but I didn't like the following in the series with Val Kilmer and especially George Clooney.

Last night the newest in the revised series came out. Kai saw it and I am waiting to see it and will give a review. I loved "Batman Begins". It was much more in line with the comics.
So, with all that said, I have posted pictures of the Batman through the years.

Please tell me which one you like or liked the best.

Adam West 1966 TV

Micheal Keaton 1989

Val Kilmer 1995

George Clooney (complete with Nipples) 1997

Christian Bale (with the late Heath Ledger) 2008


Dawn said...

I haven't seen the latest one, but I have seen all the other ones and I too prefer Christian Bale. It's darker, ominous, and more realistic than the goofy ones in the past. The latest ones remind me of the latest James Bond. I prefer both the current James Bond as well as the current Batman the best!!

Tammy Bowers said...

George Clooney. 'Nough said!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

you gotta be kiddin me?
You never cease to amaze me.
Just when I think you have sense you do this?

Admit it, you just like the nipples on the batsuit.

mick b: lonely golf guy said...

I'd like to see Batman on Broadway with Nathan Lane in the lead role!