Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brett Favre, cry baby, Retired or Not?

I like Brett Favre just fine. I think he was a very good if not great quarterback in the NFL.
What I do think is he is flip flopping faster than you can say Barack Hussein Obama!
In case you missed it, back in March, Brett had the biggest crying fit I have ever seen a MAN do. He sobbed and blubbered for 9 minutes about what the game meant to him etc, ad nauseum.
It made me sick.
Now before you give me all that "he gave his whole life to the sport and he is just gonna really miss it" whining, think about this:
Sgt. John Smith, in Iraq, loses his FREAKING LEG in a gunbattle. No press conference, no crying, no walk away with several million bucks to salve the wound, no, just a long stay at Walter Reed Hospital!
Now, Brett "cry me a river" Favre is coming back! Yes Cheeseheads, he wants back. Unfortunately, he had his chance in what has now been released to be a "secret" meeting with the coach and owner several months ago, in fact 20 days after he retired and they wanted him to come back. He said "no"!
Now, he wants back and the Packers have moved forward with their new QB Aaron Rodgers. The kid is good and he has been waiting.
The Packer also don't want to let Favre loose as a free agent.
They have a dilemma that only the cow loving, cheese eating "yu betchas" of Wisconsin can appreciate.
I say, "Brett, dude, man up and enjoy your retirement money".
Can you say "Joe Namath"? GO AWAY BRETT!
Just for fun I have put the "retirement" video below for your crying pleasure.
Girls, isn't it just so cute and sweet that big ol' Brett can be man enough to cry so beautifully?
PS: just in: Mick says put down $10 Favre is divorced in a year or less. I agree, I think this may be more than just football here!

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mrmoto said...

The name is Barack Obama....he has nothing to do with the muslim extremist...Get your facts straight...idiot.